• QuickStart

    With our acclaimed QuickStart option, all the best practices configurations and reporting are built right in.

    Just think about Primavera’s P6 for Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (EPPM). It’s full of power and possibilities but it’s missing the business-focused customization that tailors everything to your own needs.

    Bridging the App Gap

    So, that missing customization leaves a cavernous gap between your Program Management software and the results you so desperately want. As Primavera hosting experts, we know you want to get all your people up to speed on Primavera P6 fast, but without QuickStart, you’d better be as patient as a saint. It may take long, frustrating months before your team can figure out how to access all that power.

    Thankfully, QuickStart fast-tracks the whole P6 hosting process. It removes the roadblocks that could bring the whole thing to a screeching halt. It also solves problems with capital expenditure, training, security and support.

    Implementation Success in a Flash

    QuickStart can accelerate implementation from months to just weeks. Here’s how:

    • Configure

    Our experts install and configure your P6 hosting environment in the LoadSpring Cloud, followed with training that guarantees that your people can all get along in that new setting

    • Deploy

    We start the deployment phase by training your people through our LoadSpring Academy. This virtual campus uses video education modules and live-remote learning sessions taught by our top P6 hosting experts. 

    The program is designed to deliver effective end user training around the core of the application, ensuring your people can get right down to work.

    Both phases of QuickStart are followed by personalized mentoring and support by LoadSpring application experts. This helps your team adopt the new application in deploying project management while speeding through any issues as they arise.

    Success Without the Sticker Shock

    Our fast, predefined configuration templates are ready to use from Day One. This way, you can put pilot projects into action in the blink of an eye, and get your return on investment faster than a scalded cat. (Note: No animals were harmed in the writing of this sentence.)

    Finally, did we mention that QuickStart is totally affordable? Well now we did and now you know.

    Click here to view or print the QuickStart Brochure.

  • Sustainable Success with Oracle/Primavera P6. Niiiiice.

    Let’s say your team is itching to get Oracle Primavera P6 up to ramming speed fast (say, yesterday.) Well now you can accelerate the whole implementation shebang with our QuickBuild option. This Primavera hosting solution will get everyone moving and productive sooner than you’d ever imagine. We do it all with innovative P6 hosting training, guidance, mentoring and support while you simultaneously start using your new software.

    Results You Can’t Afford to Miss

    QuickBuild is an extension of our QuickStart service, which gives you even more configurations, mentoring and training support, and incorporates the lessons learned during your pilot phase. Because you already know why you want to use P6 hosting, we’ll show you how to use it to meet your goals—without spending gobs of cash.

    Four (Fast, Easy) Phases

    • Configure. In this P6 hosting phase, we help you to accelerate your P6 implementation in terms of configuration, data migration, application administration, creating reports and dashboards.
    • Deploy. Here, end users are made comfortable in their new Primavera hosting environment, using cutting edge training. As they get acclimated, we stay with them every step of the way with remote mentoring and support.
    • Define. As you use your new Primavera hosting software, the power and possibilities of P6 EPPM hosting will become instantly clear. We’ll support you with even more discovery and configuration efforts—through remote workshops guided by our P6 EPPM hosting specialists. We’ll be there to make sure that your P6 experience matches your business needs to a tee.
    • AdoptAfter fine-tuning your P6 hosting configuration based on lessons learned, we help roll out the software to the remainder of your organization and integrate it into everything you do.

    Mentoring Keeps People in Sync

    The link between your business needs and your P6 deployment will continue long after the QuickBuild process is done. Which is why we make ongoing remote mentoring such an important part of the P6 hosting process. Because there’s no reason why your short-term needs and your long-range goals have to be mutually exclusive.

    Click here to view or print the QuickBuild Brochure.


  • SpecBuild

    Configured to your exact specifications, SpecBuild gives you fully customized configurations, built from the ground up to meet the precise specs of your team and project.

    SpecBuild is the fast and painless way to get best practices and configurations—right now.