• The SpringBoard Test Drive

    Go ahead and kick the tires. Demo our ingenious SpringBoard Cloud Portal and see what all the brouhaha is about. (Hint, it’s all about making the Cloud work your way.)
    Link to SpringBoard demo

  • What the Heck is SpringBoard?

    Here goes. Springboard is an incredible Cloud-enabling technology that delivers custom Program Controls software solutions. It adds functionality that lets you dominate the Cloud and create your own Project Management suite—from scheduling and estimating to BIM hosting and mobile.

    This wildly powerful Cloud portal is totally intuitive, allowing everyone on your team to access project management solutions applications, data, reports and dashboards—securely from anywhere in the world. All without glitches, back-end issues or muttering obscenities under your breath.

    SpringBoard is a huge part of what makes us a leader in project management cloud solutions. It helps us lower your cost of ownership and allow deployment in days, not months. Imagine what that could mean to your business. Awesome, isn’t it?

    The Power is Yours—All Yours

    Our SpringBoard Cloud Portal lets you seize control of the most potent Program Management suite ever—without the usual complexity or frustration. Here’s a sample of what you get:

    • SpringBoardInsight lets you access and view critical data simultaneously from multiple applications.
    • PM Social is your private, assignment-based messaging network built right into SpringBoard. It helps keep team members in touch and in the know.
    • GlobalView Reporting uses real-time geosite mapping to let you see which team members are logged in, no matter their location. A simple click on our GlobalView map creates an instant report of who’s using what (and where) for better planning and license tracking.
    • 24/7/365 Support includes live problem resolution and automated SmartSupport, which provides instant answers, directly within your SpringBoard control panel.
    • Burden-free administration allows you to add users in bulk and take advantage of self-registration and single sign-ons for your whole team.
    • Training access through LoadSpring Academy, featuring on-demand video-based learning modules, tracking and quiz functions.
    • Single sign-on makes it easy to launch all of your Oracle Primavera hosting applications.

    Click here for SpringBoard brochure.

  • It’s All About You, You, You (Not Us, Us, Us)

    Face it. Most software and IT cloud solutions companies make you do things their way. But we customize the solution to fit your business. Novel idea, huh?

    We let you choose the custom Cloud solutions environment that best maximizes your IT and enterprise goals. And with four secure Data Centers globally and new ones coming online, you can say goodbye to performance issues.

    Pick the cloud solutions environment that’s best for you and we’ll run with it:

    SpringBoard Cloud Essentials

    All the application and secure data access you demand in project management hosting, with industry-leading support, backup and recovery assurance.

    SpringBoard Private Cloud

    Tailored to the way you do business, our Private Cloud option makes you the ruler of all data and software. You get more personalized cloud solutions, including ID management, integrations, and federated services. Your new users get seamless, secure access to your Private Cloud or company network—but only when you grant it.

    SpringBoard Global Cloud

    All your information is synchronized in real time. With performance-based location awareness and GlobalView reporting, it “knows” where your people are, then routes them to our closest and fastest Data Center.

    High Security Data Centers

    We’re on a mission—to protect your data through rain, sleet snow and random acts of aliens. You can count on easy, protected access to your business-critical data any time you need it, thanks to our Class A global Data Centers. All your software and data is protected using Class A cloud security and redundancy protocols.

    • Key locations in Boston, San Diego, Toronto and London
    • 24/7/365 on-site security personnel
    • Continual video surveillance
    • State-of-the-art power protection and infrastructure
    • Multiple diesel backup generators
    • Fire suppression via VESDA (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus) and DuPont FM-200 systems


  • Disaster Recovery

    Disasters are just that—disasters! So, we zealously protect your data’s integrity against user corruption and unforeseen catastrophes, be they micro, macro or mega.
    Basically, we’ve thought of every possible contingency (yes, even that one) and have all manner of data recovery options that meet or exceed your corporate standards.

    LoadSpring maintains a complex, Tier 1 information backup and media recovery system. We have all the resources to help you bounce back from calamity in—get this—one business day, with virtually no loss of data.

  • Questions We Never Get Tired of Answering. Frequently

    Q: What is the SpringBoard Cloud Portal?

    Glad you asked. SpringBoard is your simple, secure gateway to hosted Project Management software hosting, deployment, implementation, training and more. Some call it a control panel. Everyone says it’s amazing.

    SpringBoard puts you in total, undeniable control. It gives you the power to create your own PM suites, from scheduling, estimating, BIM and mobile in the Cloud, plus whatever specific applications that your team needs. What you get is access and control of the Cloud. Quickly, easily and right now.

    Q: What Project Management software is available in the LoadSpring Cloud?

    We specialize in hosting applications for Project Managers, executives, power users, field personnel, contractors and partners of your choosing with over 200 applications being hosted today. You can view our top list of hosted applications by clicking here.
    (Read more.)

    Q: How quickly can I start using my hosted software?

    Typically we’ll have you up and running within five business days of executing your contract. Exact timing can be shorter or longer depending upon your requirements.

    Q: How is access deployed to my users?

    For most applications, you simply need to go to www.myloadspring.com, and the system will walk you through any client downloads or Active-X components that need to be installed.

    Q: How many users can access your system from my company?

    Our systems are designed for immediate scalability with no limitations on the number of users you can have.

    Q: What is your standard Service Level Agreement?

    All of our contracts start with an SLA Guarantee of at least 99.9% uptime. We can accommodate up to “four nines” of uptime depending upon your needs.

    Q: How is your hosting system priced?

    Typical contracts are priced on a per-user monthly basis with quarterly payments. We have the flexibility to deliver your products with contract terms that will meet your needs.

    Q: Where are your Data Centers?

    We currently have four secure global Data Centers in Boston, San Diego, Toronto and London. (Read more.)

    Q: What type of security does your Data Centers use?

    All of our facilities are Class-A Data Centers that adhere to strict ISO and SOX Security standards. You can learn more about our security by clicking here. (Read more.)

    Q: Does this system require training, and how do I get training?

    For the typical user of our system no training is required, simply navigate to www.myloadspring.com, login and start using your applications. We do require a one hour training course for all System Managers who will be responsible for reviewing support cases and modifying user access as necessary. Also,our virtual LoadSpring Academy is\ built right into the system. (Read more.)

    Q: What level of security can I expect from your system?

    LoadSpring has followed a strict set of security standards based upon ISO-17799 best practices since our inception. We also subscribe to a variety of other security sources such as the NSA, Microsoft, NEISUG, and Bugtraq to name a few. (Read more.)

    Q: What type of password security protocols do you enforce?

    By default, we enforce a complex password standard that requires each user’s password to be at least 8 characters in length, include at least one number, and one symbol. In addition, by default, all user passwords will expire after 45 days and require a new password (that user can’t use the same password until at least 5 new passwords have been used). We can also customize these requirements to fit your company’s security policy if necessary.

    Q: What is the standard length of your contracts?

    Typically we ask customers to sign a one year contract that includes the ability to end the contract early. Since we offer pricing incentives for longer contracts, most customers chose to sign-on for two years or more to take advantage of better and more consistent pricing.

    Q: How can I get more information about your existing customers?

    LoadSpring works with thousands of customers and we have created brief overviews that we call Customer Success Stories for many of them. Under some circumstances due to security concerns, we can’t advertise all the customers we work with. If there’s a particular industry you don’t see, chances are we have a customer in that area, so don’t hesitate to ask. (Read more.)

    Q: What type of software do I have to have installed locally to access your system?

    All you need is Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari and access to the Internet, we take care of the rest. Certain applications require small software components to be installed on your computer. Our system will automatically detect if you have the required software and if not, will walk you through the installation of the necessary files, which typically only takes a moment.

    Q: How much storage space do I get to start with?

    LoadSpring delivers 250 GB of storage standard with all contracts. Some dedicated applications require more storage and will be included by default.

    Q: Can I have an internally-developed application hosted with LoadSpring?

    Yes. LoadSpring hosts dozens of custom applications that were developed by our customers for their own internal use. Once we qualify your application for performance and security, we will develop a standard per-use pricing model and begin hosting your application immediately.

    Q: How do I get support?

    All users can access support directly using the SpringBoard Portal by selecting the Support tab and entering basic information about the issue. Or you can call our live support team via phone at 877-LOADSPRING (877-562-3777) Once you submit the information, you’re given a case number and a live support engineer will contact you in a timeframe based the priority you selected. You can learn more about our support by clicking here. (Read more.)

    Q: How do I add new users to the system?

    Each company is assigned two local System Managers, who are typically the project leaders. These users have additional functionality within SpringBoard that enables them to Add, Delete, and Modify and change application assignments for all users.

    Q: How do I add new software to my application list?

    Contact your local LoadSpring Sales Representative and they will process the appropriate contract amendment to add the software title. Your System Manager can then assign the application to one, or all of your users with the click of a mouse.

    Q: What is a System Manager?

    A System Manager is a user assigned by your company to manage the users and support cases within the LoadSpring system. This user will have an additional tab on their SpringBoard called System Administration that enables many advanced features.

    Q: If I am a System Manager, how do I change the password of one of my users?

    Log into the System Administration system, select Modify User, and then select the Password item to enter a new password.

    Q: Can any other company see my data?

    No. All of your information is either on dedicated systems or stored in dedicated Data Centers that are locked for your users only. In the event that you want to share information with other business partners who are using our system, we can setup shared sites for the exchange of project information.

    Q: What type of firewalls do you use?

    For your security, we can’t tell you the exact types of systems we use for firewalls. Nevertheless, there are typically two sets of enterprise class firewall systems at each Data Center facility that have been audited and approved by some of the largest organizations in the United States. If you require more details on our systems, we can provide them under our non-disclosure agreement.

    Q: What type of server equipment do you use?

    For your security, we can’t tell you the exact types of server equipment we use for our hosting services. Nevertheless, our systems are all enterprise class servers used by many of the leading organizations in the United States, including many fortune 100 customers. If you require more details on our systems, we can provide them under our non-disclosure agreement.

    Q: Does the location of my users affect application performance?

    For most applications, no, it doesn’t matter where geographically your users access the Internet. For certain applications that are delivered through Citrix, you may detect slight performance changes as you move further away from the application servers. LoadSpring offers performance enhancing services and four global Data Centers that reduce, and in many cases eliminate, these changes.

    Q: How do I get files from my local machine up to the SpringBoard for my own private use?

    All users receive a LoadSpring application called the File Manager that is exactly like the file explorer on your local computer that you’re already used to. Each user is assigned a Private drive letter that shows up in the File Manager and the user can simply drag and drop the file from a location on his/her local computer to that private drive. Only this user will have access to this drive.

    Q: How often do I need to change my password?

    Our standard security settings require users to change their passwords every 45 days. This setting can be customized to meet the security needs of your own organization.

    Q: What happens if I can’t access the Internet?

    If you can’t access the Internet, you should contact your local IT support team to first ensure there are no issues with your company’s access. If you can find alternative ways to access the Web, use it to contact LoadSpring support and determine any connection issues. Otherwise, call our support team.

    Q: Do you offer financial incentives for an increased number of users?

    Yes. Our pricing model was developed to reward you for adding more users. As you increase your user count on our system, your price-per-user decreases accordingly.

    Q: Do you have any setup fees associated with your service?

    No. Unlike many other hosting companies, our standard contracts do not include any setup fees.

    Q: How can I get upgrades for my hosted software?

    LoadSpring handles all your upgrades. If the upgrade is a simple patch, the upgrade will be seamless for your users. For larger upgrades, like version releases, we will first qualify the new version with your specific data, and give you short-term access to the new version with your data. Once you’re comfortable with the performance of the new version, we will coordinate a final data migration date with you, and make sure all your users will have the new version the next time they log in. Most upgrades do require a one-time conversion charge. Please contact your local LoadSpring Sales Representative for details

    Q: Is it possible to segregate which software each user has access to in my company?

    Yes, with the SpringBoard Portal, your System Manager can easily assign your hosted applications to some or all of your users depending upon your needs.

    Q: Does LoadSpring have scheduled maintenance outages?

    Because of redundant systems, it is rare that your hosting systems will ever go down, even for routine maintenance. In the event that we do need to schedule a temporary shut-down, we will coordinate with your System Managers and perform the maintenance after hours when system usage is typically at its lowest.

    Q: What is the average cost-per-user for your service?

    The actual cost-per-user for our hosting services depends greatly upon the application being hosted, the volume of users and the length of the contract you sign with us. We offer competitive volume pricing incentives as well as a compelling return on investment when compared to hosting internally or using a generic hosting company.

    Q: Does the price from LoadSpring include the cost of the software license?

    With the exception of Microsoft products, LoadSpring’s hosting price doesn’t include the software license. Those licenses need to be procured through us or separately, then installed into your software access system.

    Need to share this information with your team? Here’s the portable version. Download our SpringBoard brochure here.

    If you have any other questions that may not fall into the FAQ category, just let us know! We will be happy to help!