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LoadSpring™ Helps Ledcor Cut the Distractions and Grow the Diversification

Business diversification and growth need agility. Ledcor is a prime example. Having started in construction, the company now addresses telecom, airlines, and an industrial and residential building. Entrepreneurial spirit characterizes the firm, meaning that supporting departments like IT and business applications must keep pace with a dynamically changing set of business requirements. And once users have been equipped with the IT tools and apps they need, care must be taken to ensure that they remain productive.

Ledcor’s Move to Focus on Its Core Competencies

For Ledcor, the challenges were clear, even if the answers still had to be found. Ledcor Business Units need their apps to run immediately to start their projects and meet the requirements of their own customers. Infrastructure stability was unsatisfactory. License management and compliance were draining time and resources. To meet the daily demand for services that were both effective and sustainable, Ledcor looked for a solution elsewhere.

LoadSpring Helps Ledcor Map Out the Future

Partnering with LoadSpring, the market-leading Cloud Project Management solutions provider, brought Ledcor the resources they had been looking for. The key benefits start with the LoadSpring team’s ability to evaluate Ledcor’s needs while quickly and efficiently mapping out the best solutions. Currently, Ledcor uses LoadSpring’s hosting services for project management applications and can easily access any other 200+ Project Management applications hosted by LoadSpring.

Apps Available in Days, Not Weeks or Months

With the agility of the LoadSpring team and services, Ledcor can now spin up servers, load applications, and get expert support immediately and whenever necessary. Ledcor Business Units also now work within the hosting environments that best match their individual requirements, each environment being set up by LoadSpring.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform Secret Sauce for Ledcor Users

LoadSpring Cloud Platform plays a crucial role in Ledcor’s ability to execute its projects as needed. It provides a single sign-on to help users get to all the apps they need quickly and securely. The platform also provides easy license tracking. Administrators can also see the exact geographic location where users are accessing the software, taking care of the compliance headaches that bugged Ledcor previously. The LoadSpring Academy capability within the LoadSpring Cloud Platform gives Ledcor users access to training and tutorial videos on the software applications they use and quizzing and progress tracking. This online accelerator helps maximize adoption and productivity while optimizing learning time.

A Secure, Robust, Cost-Effective Platform for Ledcor Growth

LoadSpring proactively addresses each of Ledcor Business Unit’s unique needs, solves their IT challenges, and ensures project management software difficulties are a thing of the past. LoadSpring is also Soc 2 Type II certified to back up all of those advantages, offering continual data integrity and security. As Ledcor continues to develop and take on more ambitious projects, LoadSpring and LoadSpring Cloud Platform capabilities keep pace too. Whatever the requirements, LoadSpring will continue to provide a complete solution for all cloud project management challenges with fast 24/7/365 support to let Ledcor focus on its own industry-leading competencies.

“The key benefits start with the LoadSpring team’s ability to evaluate Ledcor’s needs while quickly and efficiently mapping out the best solutions.”

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