Analytics, Data Visualization and Project Intelligence: Do More with LoadSpringANALYTICS

LoadSpringANALYTICS, an advanced project analytics and data visualization dashboard, gives you two ways to get broader business insights in real time. Choose ready-to-play S-Curve and KPI toolsets or custom data lake and pond development. Make better, faster business decisions and kick your financial performance into high gear.
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Data Visualization and Project Intelligence the Easy Way

Information and data visualization is an interdisciplinary field that showcases the graphic representation of data and information. Data visualization is a particularly efficient way of communicating when the data or information is numerous as for example a time series, and enables decision makers to see analytics presented visually so they can quickly identify new patterns. Analytics dashboards take data visualization a step further and allow you to drill down into charts and graphs to get more detailed and customized reports.

Visualized data is processed faster than traditional data and is particularly helpful to visual learners. Being able to see data in a new way gives you the chance to extract insights that may have been missed if the data had been presented in a non-visual way, and those visuals can support your claim and help bring your time on board.

Ready to inspire key stakeholders? Now you can easily share intel findings using LoadSpringANALYTICS. Our new era of business analytics consolidates project, schedule, and cost data, then turns it into impactful reports and quantitative S-curves.

  • LoadSpringANALYTICS delivers clear data in a flash – it’s built right into LoadSpring’s project platform
  • No more data scrounging – LoadSpringANALYTICS gathers it from multiple sources simultaneously and presents it in one organized data dashboard
  • Unifies data through LoadSpringANALYTICS’s pre-set tools that list KPIs in existing searches
  • Drills down into project red areas
  • Generates 30,000-foot overviews for meetings with time-deprived execs
  • Consolidates data into visualizations for enriched presentations
  • Uncovers streamlined project analysis that leads to better ROI

LoadSpringANALYTICS’s Data Analysis Methods

When project apps, data and intel are scattered between different clouds, data swamps, and data lakes – in totally different formats – it’s near-impossible to extract usable Business Intelligence. Unless, of course, you have LoadSpring to help generate actionable, analytical insights and user-friendly data visualizations.

Two Ways Data Visualization Dashboards Boost Project Intelligence

LoadSpring helps you turn all those ones and zeros into something truly useful:

    1. Off the Shelf Reporting: You can use the LoadSpringAnalytics dashboard to access powerful, pre-set KPI reports. They’re all built-in and easy to use for more timely, informed decisions. Our business intelligence technologies are transforming enterprises around the globe.
    2. Data Lake custom KPIs: Our genius cloud and project intelligence specialists can gather data within a central repository, creating custom data lakes and ponds of customized information. From there, you can use any number of business intelligence tools to get the exact KPIs you need.

LoadSpringANALYTICS: Plays Well with Project Lifecycle Software

Smart companies depend on LoadSpring to uncover timely, actionable cloud business intelligence solutions for healthier margins. LoadSpringANALYTICS is the analytics dashboard that works with your critical project software—directly, seamlessly and accurately.


Display key project KPIs for quick, high-level project decisions.

  • Schedules status data such as start and finish dates
  • Provides accurate completion percentage status
  • Shows project performance via Red/Yellow/Green status indicators
  • Easily links to project sites and apps like SharePoint, Oracle Unifier, Ecosys and others

View process performance in quick-reading visual “shorthand.”

  • Displays at-a-glance info for RFIs while keeping a tidy record of all responses
  • Tracks project issues that could lead to delays or nasty cost overruns
  • Drills into worksheets for budget cost status, contracts and vendors
  • A flexible three-level drill-down structure reveals cost data at all levels

Tap into project cost data and drill into cost codes with ease.

  • Works with G2 to plot cost performance via grids and S-Curves
  • Reveals budget vs. actuals over the course of time
  • Provides far more insights, right down to the control account

LoadSpringANALYTICS ProjectMap: the Built-In Data Visualization Tool

This powerful map-enabled data visualization tool is built into the LoadSpringANALYTICS dashboard and quickly enables analytics initiatives.

  • Execs and teams can collaborate with easy-to-view status maps, including site photos
  • Navigate to project locations using map visualization pan and zoom
  • Connect seamlessly with proven project apps
  • With ProjectMap you’ll never have to wait for innovation

Building a Data Lake

Creating a Data Lake: Don’t Try This Alone

Real, live, actionable Business Intelligence has a way of supercharging your project insights and decision-making. But it’s hard when all your intelligence and apps are spread across multiple data warehouses, clouds and swamps in dissimilar formats.

LoadSpring Analysis Gurus help you locate, collate and format data swamp disasters into usable data lakes and ponds. To build a fortified Data Gateway, we help you…

    1. Decide What You Want
      We’ll help you figure out precisely what type of information you’ll need for smarter business analysis, based on risk-adjusted past data.
    2. Pinpoint Where Your Data’s Hiding
      Discover which apps, data sets, and sources you need. It’s there – deep within onsite software, SaaS offerings, mobile apps, contractor apps, and hosted applications. We help locate your data, then format and organize it in a nice, calm data lake.
    3. Slice It, Dice it, Automate It
      Use your business intelligence solution to analyze your data to create all the project intelligence you need, then give you easy access to your new data lake(s) to sample the analytics.
    4. Ta-dah! Your Data Lake Solution
      Based on steps 1, 2 and 3, our pros build you a customized Data Gateway, easily navigable through your LoadSpring’s project platform. Now you can dive into all those real-time, data-lake-critical KPIs and enlighten all your project stakeholders.

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