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LOADSPRINGInsight is an advanced Project Intelligence tool – always ready to parse data that helps make better, faster business decisions that increase financial performance.
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Project Intelligence Made Easy

Upper management loves LoadSpringInsight because it takes all your consolidated project data and turns it into impactful reports they can use.

  • This valuable tool is built right into LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM
  • Creates a quick 30,000-foot project synopsis from multiple apps and clouds – simultaneously
  • No more data scrounging – LoadSpringInsight gathers it for you
  • Consolidate information from different apps and clouds into grids, bar graphs, pie charts and S-curves
  • Connects with Primavera, Deltek, Meridian, EcoSys, ARES PRISM and more

Instant Intelligence Boost

BI solutions that are based on up-to-the-millisecond data allow you see into the past and present, then anticipate the future. Advanced features make it so much easier.

  • Status Entry lets you enter narrative status on projects or programs including Status Overview, Safety and Customer Satisfaction
  • Color Coding with specific thresholds help show cost and schedule variance
  • Drilldown Capabilities include unearthing transaction-level details from project cost accounting systems
  • Captures project performance attributes such as safety metrics and customer satisfaction data not natively caught in Primavera P6/CM

LoadSpringInsight ProjectMap

The future really is here with ProjectMap. It’s a new map-enabled intelligence built directly into the LoadSpringInsight dashboard.

  • ProjectMap provides execs and their entire team an easy-to-view project status map, including site photos
  • Lets you easily navigate to a project location using map visualization with pan and zoom capabilities
  • This easy-to-use interface can connect with both project and cost management tools like P6, CM, Unifier, Cobra, G2, EcoSys, ARES PRISM and Prolog
  • Automatically displays metrics such as “S” curves, Project Start/Finish Date, Percentage Complete, CPI, SPI and more

LoadSpringInsight + Scheduling Apps

Displays the key project performance data you need in order to make high-level project decisions.

  • Schedule status (start and finish dates)
  • Completion percentage status
  • Red/Yellow/Green status indicators of project performance
  • Plus, LoadSpringInsight easily links to project websites such as SharePoint and many others

LoadSpringInsight + Contract Apps

Shows your business process performance in a quick-reading visual “shorthand.” For example:

  • Displays at-a-glance information for RFIs, minimizing miscommunications and keeping a tidy record of all responses
  • Tracks project issues that could lead to delays or nasty cost overruns
  • Drills into worksheets that contain project cost status information, such as budgets, contracts and selected vendors
  • A flexible three-level drill down structure reveals cost data at all levels

LoadSpringInsight + Costing Apps

Lets you tap into project cost data and drill into cost codes with ease and confidence.

  • Works with G2 to plot cost performance via a handy grid and S Curve
  • Reveals budget vs. actuals over the course of time
  • Provides far more understanding—and more cost data—right down to the control account

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