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3 Major Challenges Project Managers Face

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And how to overcome them

Managing risk, ensuring accessibility, confirming schedules and budget are three of the main challenges project managers face. The Project Management tools required to help a team get organized are essential to achieve success against these challenges. These tools are helpful for any stakeholder in the development of the project, not just the project managers. So, how do you facilitate them to meet the dynamic needs of the teams with different sizes and goals, or when unforeseen disasters happen – say, a global pandemic?

3 challenges that can make you or break you

Cloud-based solutions are driving innovation, and over the past several years, 60% of project management has migrated from traditional platforms to the cloud. Despite broad usage, companies are still at risk of wasting millions of dollars and struggling to use them effectively and show a return on investment. How adequately companies can execute cloud-based applications to handle these three challenges can be a game-changer.

  1. Accessibility – projects are getting bigger, more complex, and spread out – can your software delivery method support that effort?
  2. Schedule and budget – You need to visualize the timeline and understand your spending to maximize efficiency and ROI. 1-in-6 projects overshoot their schedule by 70%1.
  3. Performance risk management for mission-critical tools – what can you do to ensure the performance of your project controls software? (APM)

With a little bit of planning, the right technology, and a trusted cloud partner, your challenges can become your greatest strengths.

3 tips to achieve the best outcome

How can you maximize your cloud-hosted software with a managed service provider to help solve these challenges? Let’s break it down.

1.      Accessibility: access granted

The pandemic has demonstrated the need for remote work; this need continues to grow over time. Companies that have geographically spread out operations have known for a long time that keeping everyone working from the same page is a considerable challenge. Once you’ve provisioned your software in a cloud platform, the ability to add it to a site and create a project team, preconfigured with predefined apps that work together and create a site for quick delivery, is like having the ultimate backstage pass.

LoadSpring Cloud PlatformTM stores data centrally in the cloud, which means it is accessible for other uses. Companies in critical sectors, including utilities, telecom, manufacturing, and other big-project organizations, rely on LoadSpring Cloud Platform to provide secure access to your applications and data anywhere with 24/7/365 support.

LoadSpring can also securely deliver a suite of project tools in a virtual box. Firewall and other security measures take place on the cloud side, so your IT team doesn’t need to create additional exceptions or rules for contractors. Suddenly, your teams can work anywhere, quickly, securely, and collaboratively and in near real-time with a project-ready tech stack.

2.      Schedule and budget: ROI insight

Managing the project budget is difficult, yet it is typically the most scrutinized and biggest factor in determining project success. The goal is to keep it in line through the course of the project. With the right project intelligence tools, you can deliver precise data from a cloud platform in a flash—no more delving one app at a time.

LoadSpringInsightTM gathers data from multiple sources simultaneously and unifies it through preset tools that list KPIs in existing searches. You gain the ability to drill down into project red areas or consolidate information into visualizations for fast high-level insights. Uncover streamlined project analysis that leads to better ROI.

3.      Performance risk management: project-intensive apps go high-performance

Project portfolio apps like Oracle P6, Contruent Enterprise—formerly known as ARES PRISM, Hexagon EcoSysTM, Deltek Project & Portfolio Management, InEight®Estimate, InVizion®and Synchro, to name a few, have heavy requirements. IT teams spend valuable time troubleshooting performance degradation; the more users access these heavy hitter applications, the more the project grows. Sluggish load and search times can grind down project success costing project management and end-users several hours per week. Time spent waiting is time wasted, which impacts your projects and your bottom line.

Performance tuning profoundly impacts the user experience and informs your IT teams about future scaling and provisioning. Advanced Performance Management solutions ensure that your users can continue to do their work efficiently as the size and number of databases, schedules, and projects increase within your cloud environment. Read our blog, LoadSpring Answers: What is Software Performance Tuning? to learn more.

Plan your PM digital experience with LoadSpring

These three crucial success factors are relevant to any project-intensive industry. We know because we’ve supported the architecture, engineering, construction and design, energy, utilities and waste, manufacturing and heavy equipment, and city, state, and transportation industries for more than 21 years.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform™ hosts all the best project management software that drives project success.  Whether you’re a PM Executive or a Project Manager, you deserve to get more and do more.

Get started today. Contact us here or call US +1 978 685 9715, or UK +44 800 088 5889.

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