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6 Ways to Connect Your Cloud Solution Back to Your Project Business

Cloud Solution Back to Project Business

Projects. It’s what your enterprise does. But how many cloud solutions are designed specifically to help you accomplish every project within scope, budget, and schedule?

We hear a lot about digital-first strategies and digital transformation stories. When these are done well, business agility and decision-making can improve immensely, and productivity, business intelligence, and innovation can rocket upwards, enhancing your profitability and reputation as a project company.

On their own, hosted applications and cloud platforms are still only tools to support your project operations. What makes the difference is the alignment of these tools with your business goals, activities, and outcomes. The right cloud and hosting solution is the one that connects back to your business by being designed to let you give your own customers the best in architecture, engineering, construction, or other major business projects.

You know what you need to accomplish. You have challenges to meet on the way. Let us show you how a cloud platform like LoadSpring is set up from the start for you to beat those challenges and meet those goals.


It’s a given that your enterprise already uses software to schedule, manage, estimate, or generally run its project business. You may also be using one or several cloud providers to host your software applications, aiming to reap the benefits of elastic, reliable, secure, and cost-effective cloud computing.

However, few cloud providers specialize in hosting project management and related software solutions. And when it comes to a total cloud solution designed to help your users, your IT team, and your project business succeed, LoadSpring is unique. Whichever project software applications you use, you can expect to find them already available on LoadSpring Cloud Platform. As the specialist in project management and related software solutions, we have industry-specific expertise in more than 200 apps. By combining the power of the cloud and customized service, we enable you to get the best out of your apps across every project life cycle. LoadSpring has multiple layers of experienced teams and processes in place that make seamless integrations possible, whether you need them for apps that are in our cloud or on-premise, or on another cloud.

We bring the cloud still closer to your business with app integration, business process automation, and business process management (BPM). For example, a P6 schedule can be automatically adjusted with new delivery date information from a supply chain application or from events logged in your CRM application. With BPM, users can give their business process requirements to the IT department more efficiently and in a way that favors effective computerization and automation.

What if you already have a cloud provider? We have that covered too. LoadSpring offers you smooth, gradual migration. Keeping your business operations running smoothly and without interruption is a top priority for us, from the moment you start with LoadSpring and from there onwards.


Users are often demanding when it comes to support, and rightly so. Whether they are estimating, contracting, scheduling, building CAD/BIM models and geospatial maps, or managing facilities, they too are accountable. The applications that they use must work, and their questions must be answered now. However:

  • Latency in a network can slow down work with cloud-hosted applications
  • Regulations and compliance may restrict the locations where project data may be stored
  • Multiple logins, user credentials, and file stores complicate users’ lives
  • Internal support teams may be overwhelmed by the diversity of apps being used.

LoadSpring meets all these challenges and sets you up for success with its globally distributed data centers, synchronized access and file management, and a pool of expert support engineers. Latency goes down, ease of access goes up, and your users and IT team become happier and more productive.

Our support and cloud gurus understand what is at stake for your enterprise at both a business and a technical level. We can help you start using new software a little or a lot at a time – whatever makes the most sense to minimize risk and maximize results. We can also continue to support you on older versions of software and even your own in-house applications.


LoadSpring Cloud Platform gives you powerful reporting options. Our built-in intelligence feature called LoadSpringInsight powers your strategy via technology. It automatically reports critical KPIs at different levels of management. With clear, user-friendly visualization, LoadSpringInsight brings you business insight for faster, better-informed decisions.

  • LoadSpringInsight simultaneously gathers information from cost, scheduling, and other apps
  • All critical data points are viewable on a single dashboard that also lets you drill down to better understand and analyze
  • Our CIO dashboard reports on performance, uptime, and security analysis.
  • Our application and support dashboard allows you to check on application adoption and usage with supporting analytics
  • Instant cost assessments, performance measurements, software usage reports, and other insights keep your teams focused
  • S-curves show status and trends of your projects using cost data gathered and synchronized across project schedules.

And, to support your business intelligence initiatives, LoadSpring offers data lake development—so customers can customize KPIs that drive ROI.

Achieving these levels of data integration and reporting between different project cost and scheduling systems is no mean feat. LoadSpringInsight and custom data lake enablement makes it simple for you to get the key information you need, whenever you need it, while also allowing you to easily customize the reports.


We design quality, professional security into LoadSpring Cloud Platform, just like we do for support. We meet and exceed U.S. government and Fortune 100 standards. We also meet ISO/IEC 27002:2013 standards and are SOC 2 Type II certified. With LoadSpring, you get:

  • Confidentiality. Only the people you authorize have access to your project management applications and data.
  • Integrity. Applications do what they have been designed to do, and the data you retrieve is the data you stored.
  • Availability. The users you authorize can do their jobs unhindered thanks to LoadSpring world-class infrastructure and data centers.
  • Recovery. Our Tier 4 cloud data recovery system protects data 24/7/365. We can restore lost data in just hours or even minutes, supporting Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) down to 15 minutes of loss.

We start by rooting out bugs and vulnerabilities, especially in new versions of software. We know that you depend on the applications that we host for you, so we will only recommend upgrades that we know will work properly and securely. If you still need to run older versions of apps that may be less robust, we make sure that security risks are minimized.

With LoadSpring, you also have a range of authentication options for all your users, including multi-factor authentication, IP restriction, federated identity management, and single sign-on. These layers of security make sure that the least privilege and zero trust principles apply for project team members.


LoadSpring Cloud Platform is at the service of your business – not the other way round. It offers you multiple capabilities to save money and stay compliant, including:

  • Visibility of your application usage compared to license capacity, with real-time charting analysis. You can streamline compliance reporting and maximize your software investment.
  • GlobalView reporting to track and visualize where users are connecting from and where your global projects are located. Usage tracking lets you see who’s using which app and how often.
  • Easy re-provisioning of apps after a project ends, or as new users and projects come on board.
  • Scheduling of software upgrades and maintenance at your convenience, rather than to rigid dates that may conflict with your business goals.
  • Support for your business intelligence initiatives through data lake development to let you customize KPIs that drive your ROI.

By streamlining in the cloud with LoadSpring, you avoid overlap, redundancies, and waste. You can also prioritize relationships with software vendors that have the most positive impact on your business.


This is the final link to connect your cloud platform back to your project business. Besides handy bulk adding/removal of users for an entire project, individual user self-registration can also be enabled right through to the application. You can set user permissions to auto-expire when a project ends, thus liberating licenses for other users.

LoadSpringAcademy helps you make your users confident and boost productivity through user adoption of strategic apps. LoadSpring Academy is integrated into LoadSpring Cloud Platform and offers pre-recorded training applications and quizzes, as well as your own training videos that you choose to upload.

Learning resources are available to users anytime, anywhere to prevent software from becoming shelf-ware and to accelerate results. Flexible enough for individually customized training programs, LoadSpring Academy also lets you offer the same tailored learning to as many groups of users as needed, for consistent relevance and effectiveness.


To be the best you can be in the project world, you need a cloud partner that goes beyond basic application hosting. With LoadSpring, you make the connection from your cloud platform back to your project business. We work with you to ensure end-to-end digital transformation that addresses both your technical and your business needs, securely and cost-effectively. Our fast deployment of your preferred software improves application time-to-value, while our global support brings you optimal availability and productivity. LoadSpring MarketPlace gives you one central location to compare, provision, and deploy best-of-breed apps. Value-added capabilities like LoadSpringInsight business intelligence and automated reporting let you run your cloud your way, while LoadSpring Academy empowers your users for project success.

Call us today to see how soon you can experience all the advantages of LoadSpring! +1 978.685.9715 US | +44 800 088 5889 UK

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