Construction CPM Conference 2020 | Disney World Florida


Get a head start on the new year by joining us for an insightful session on the 2020 Cloud Priorities and Vision for Project CIOs at the Construction CPM Conference 2020.

WEDNESDAY, JAN 22 | 8:00 AM – 2020 Cloud Priorities and
Vision for Project CIOs

Presented by Jim Smith of LoadSpring Solutions, Room: Theory Track

Jim Smith is one of our founders, which means he has a tidy 17 years of perfecting LoadSpring’s special brand of technical and management expertise. He is so utterly committed to our clients’ success and the tech side of the business, there’s just no turning back. To oversimplify Jim’s highly critical role as our sales enablement leader, he makes sure that our hundreds of apps play nicely together, while marrying the right infrastructure to our customer’s diverse Cloud requirements.

Date: 19-22 Jan

Disney World Florida at the B Resort & Spa

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