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Helping Energy and Utility Companies Digitize Faster

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Modernize and connect

Like many other sectors, energy and utilities (EU) are undergoing and experiencing a new competitive landscape and disruptive change. Increasingly, the industry recognizes the need to cloud-enable the workforce and productivity tools. Staying ahead of the competition requires adopting a cloud-first strategy to power innovation that helps employees become true cloud workers, improve device security, and adopt a better culture of collaboration. Consumer resistance to rate increases, the broader distribution of energy and storage, growing regulatory and political pressures, and cyberattack and data security risks cause further disruption.

A holistic cloud strategy unified in a single cloud platform like LoadSpring Cloud PlatformTM can help energy and utility organizations address these challenges. Companies can support innovation with high-performance applications with scale, flexibility, and speed. With built-in analytics features, a unified platform can provide insights with real-time insights. Multilayered security is imperative for energy and utilities to secure entrusted customer and sensitive corporate data, deploy applications faster and reliably.

Electrifying performance and innovation

Going with a managed cloud services provider means fast, agile, and scalable software deployment. Energy and utility company, Consumer’s Energy relies on LoadSpringTM to deliver their project software and analytics programs. Some reasons they keep coming back to LoadSpring include:

  • Rapid deployment of software. Rolling out complex project software like Oracle Primavera P6 can take weeks, but with LoadSpring, new rollouts take days, and once established, assigning seats is a pushbutton process.
  • High performance, consistently. LoadSpring provides performance tuning, which means even the most demanding programs like P6 run smoothly and save considerable time. Time savings mean smoother, more efficient projects and better return on investment.
  • Secure entry from anywhere. From in-house or remotely, teams can log in to their applications securely and rapidly, benefitting from multi-factor logins and a web portal that hosts all of their software in one place.
  • Automated updates.  LoadSpring provides updates and security patches in the background, which means your teams are free to focus on core objectives rather than managing software updates.

Hosting software in the cloud with LoadSpring means more than just easy access. Get high-performance software anywhere your teams need it, safely and securely. Assigning or reassigning seats is as easy as clicking a button. Not to mention, IT teams can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that updates take place in the cloud and live support is no more than fifteen minutes away.

Data and analytics energize ROI

A study from GTM Research estimates that EU companies increased spending on analytics from $700 million in 2012 to about $3 billion in 2020. Future spending is expected to increase apace, with the overarching impetus that analytics provide a considerable investment return.

One of the most cutting-edge services LoadSpring provides is clean data structures for project analytics. Utilizing that data, LoadSpring provides unified, custom analytics through an advanced platform and configurable dashboards.

Managed data structures and analytics allow these companies and others to learn from past projects, shore up inefficiencies, and predict ways to mitigate risk. Companies that invest in digitization such as data lakes, business and project intelligence (BI/PI), and analytics can save upward of 20% of project costs over the project lifecycle.

How do you start using analytics once the data is collected? LoadSpring gets you there in seven steps:

  • Business objectives. Our analysts and sales team work with you to thoroughly comprehend what you do and what you want to do in the future.
    1. Actionable data points. What does your team want to see? From executives to people on the ground, we help refine what’s visible and actionable.
    2. Data gathering. Where is the data residing? We sift through what exists and create the initial master source.
    3. Data cleansing. We clean your data up and ensure that ongoing data creation goes where it needs to go.
    4. Data processing. We help create the plan to process and exploit your data.
    5. Data connection. Hooking the data up to analytics tools. Analysis and production of that data on top of an intelligent solution (ex:  Power BI).
    6. View, examine, challenge, repeat. Once you’re up and running, we ensure the data is valid and suits your business needs; visualization and data points can be adjusted as needed.

Energy companies can visualize and learn from client behavior, create faster project schedules, dispatch help more efficiently, and create better customer experiences across the board. These benefits and more increase competitive edge that can’t be duplicated otherwise.

Multilayered security for a vital industry

Losing data, even temporarily, can cripple an organization. Losing customer data can damage the company financially, legally, and publicly particularly for energy and utility companies. Loss of trust can lead to damaging loss of current and future business. With the right cloud provider, companies can mitigate this risk to the point of near-nonexistence. Data is both available and constantly backed up; information is stored behind multiple layers of security, allowing your teams to access it readily, but making it effectively impossible for hackers to retrieve.

Leading cloud service providers like LoadSpring also have data recovery procedures designed for every type of emergency scenario. Should disaster of any kind strike, the downtime is minimized, and data is restored. Our SLAs guarantee it.

Thanks to custom technology provided for all of their customers, LoadSpring has the highest levels of security, which runs seamlessly in the background and is consistently updated.

For an in-depth article on best practices in cloud security, please read our recent blog on the subject.

Achieve escape velocity with the next step

The barriers to change within energy and utilities are exceeded by the need for digital value. Accelerate your digital transformation with cloud-managed cloud services to innovate, unlock valuable data, and heighten security. LoadSpring has all of these cloud features and more under one roof. Break past the boundaries to take advantage of these services immediately and into the future. For more information and a jump start on future-proofing your company, contact us today.

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