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How to Cloud-enable Your ISV Business

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Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring

Want to be part of a business that is forecast to grow from $272.49 billion in 2021 to $436.9 billion in 2025? Those are the projections for the global software as a service (SaaS) market from The Business Research Company. Whether they’re born in the cloud or migrating from on-premises operations, customers and providers alike can look forward to an exciting future for cloud-based software.

As an independent software vendor, you’ve already thought about the cloud. Perhaps you even have a cloud-hosted version of your software for your customers. So, why now choose the PAL program to cloud-enable your ISV business?

We’ll give you three great reasons:

  1. We cloud-enable software so that customers (like yours) get what they need and want.
  2. Our cloud platform helps make life simple for an ISV (like you) and boost profits.
  3. We outperform others (big names included), and we’ll prove it below.

Get ready to attract more customers

Let’s get down to brass tacks. Project companies and other customers need to focus on their core competencies for business success. A software application is a means to this end. However, an on-premise software installation can drain their in-house resources. A managed cloud solution appeals by cutting down on the daily complexity, maintenance, and effort to get value out of software apps.

But that’s not all your customers want. They want their cloud application deployment to be quick, slick, secure, and operational in a flash. High-quality support should be available fast and 24/7/365. An application and its data should also be part of the cloud ecosystem for the customer, not a desert island in a sea of disconnect.

The Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring program (PAL) enables all of the advantages above for your customers, making you and your software look even better in the process:

  • Fast and secure access to your applications
  • Customer self-service for their users to start using your software in the cloud easily with automatic license management and scaling.
  • Legendary one-call LoadSpring support from our project-software experts for customers and their users of your software, with responses to customer tickets in 15 minutes or less.
  • LoadSpring Academy, our online education system, lets your customers and their users find out at any time about your software and how best to use it.
  • Management dashboard/analytics capabilities for your customers in LoadSpring Cloud PlatformTM with Executive Dashboard and LoadSpringInsight.
  • Cutting-edge ProjectINTELTM technology for your customers to jump a quantum level from project statistics to project intelligence.

Streamline your ISV business in the cloud

Now, it’s your turn to be delighted.

  • Reduce your ISV costs and complexity by leveraging the PAL program and our expert skills in providing interconnected, managed cloud services.
  • Revel in the excellence of LoadSpring technical resources for support and maintenance for your users and our flexibility to fit in with your needs and your customers’ project schedules.
  • Enjoy the reassurance of the seamless bulletproof security and the disaster recovery options on the LoadSpring Cloud Platform (SOC 2 Type II certification, Tier 4 data recovery).
  • See how our software performance tuning contributes to the highest level of application responsiveness (lowest latency) while optimizing stability, availability, and scalability.
  • Become greater than the sum of your parts via the LoadSpring hosted software ecosystem with our integration expertise, data lake and data management skills, analytics, and artificial, business, and project intelligence (AI, BI, and PI) tools.

By choosing the PAL program, you’ll also be able to innovate and differentiate your software solution for even greater customer allure through LoadSpring expertise and our cutting-edge wraparound technologies. And you’ll stay with LoadSpring as your cloud-enabler because you want to, not because you have to. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform is vendor-agnostic. No vendor lock-in. Ever.

See how LoadSpring does cloud enablement better

A recent evaluation compared LoadSpring Cloud Platform with Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Service in the performance of 19 standardized tests for project contract management. LoadSpring was 62-75% faster than the two other cloud providers. This is just one more example of how our LoadSpring Cloud Platform overachieves for the greater good of partners and end-users.

Starting your LoadSpring cloud enablement

You’re in safe hands. We’ve done this before, many times. When you engage with our LoadSpring Sherpas, ready to support you on your cloud journey, you’ll find out the depth and quality of our expertise. You’ll be able to leverage the best practices and superlative capabilities we have developed in delivering project applications at a massive scale and our experience in accelerating cloud transformations for customers and partners.

Whether by product, technology, or solution architecture, you’ll see how we can create effective deployments of your app onto the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Lift-and-shift is one option. It’s often a fast, simple way for an ISV to start getting the advantages we’ve described above. But whatever the cloud enablement proposed, it will be the one best adapted to your circumstances.

If you already have a cloud provider, no problem. We interoperate and will work to resolve any issues without finger-pointing. Or if you are so deliriously happy with us (check out our testimonials, you’ll be in good company), and LoadSpring Cloud Platform is all you want, we can ensure a smooth migration. If you have customers that want to move custom tools to the LoadSpring platform to work with your application, we can host those tools too.

Your next step  

Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring has been created for and with partners. It empowers ISVs like you with tools, technology, and support, so we can put customers first and move our businesses forward together.

To learn more, visit our  Partner Accelerator by LoadSpring page online to learn more.

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