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LoadSpring Expert: Four Keys to Transformative Cloud Partnerships

After ten years with a rapidly evolving managed cloud services company, my role and responsibilities tie directly to meeting our customers’ cloud strategy demands. Besides ensuring that our security exceeds the highest standards, architecting agile infrastructure, and leveraging the latest and upcoming technologies, I must also anticipate and adapt to emerging cloud and BI advancements.

I’m deeply committed to the process of strategic vendor management and the critical role it plays for our customers. Cloud hosting best-of-breed project applications drives that commitment and is a big part of what we do and who we are. But that’s just the beginning. IT leaders must drive innovation, so they need more from a cloud vendor than just getting the best bang for the buck.

Finding the Right Partner

Here are four keys to successful partnerships in the cloud that are critically important to our customers. These are core to successful cloud migration, enterprise security, and facilitating IT to focus on critical corporate initiatives. All this adds immeasurable value to the business. Recently our CEO wrote a blog about our new strategic partnership with Google Cloud and SADA. This partnership was imagined and then forged by following these considerations.

  1. Security

As a CTO, security is at the forefront of my concerns. I need to demonstrate to our customers that they can rely on LoadSpring, and I need to ensure that partners are taking security as seriously as we do. An alarming 63% of companies reported potentially compromised data over the past 12 months. As time goes on and data gains value, intruders will get even more creative and persistent. The team at LoadSpring has designed and implemented a multilayer cloud security system that keeps intruders out and your people connected to and protected by the cloud 24/7. Ensure that your potential partners are as security-minded as you are—like we know Google Cloud and SADA to be.

2. Attention to Detail

Make sure to pick strategic partners that tell you if they have the capability you’re seeking and that they’re not selling you something you don’t need. I live in a climate that doesn’t see any salt on the road for snow, so do I really need that undercoating for my car? Probably not. If a predatory car salesperson pressured me into purchasing these extra-cost treatments, I would take my wallet someplace else. It’s the same with cloud-managed services. Many providers have one-size-fits-all tools that don’t allow for customization or fit your cloud strategy. As a result, you might end up paying for features that don’t match your need. Watch out for their version of undercoating. Look to a partner like LoadSpring that tailors solutions to your needs, providing maximum flexibility.

3. Business strategy alignment

Ideally, you’ll find partners that innovate as quickly as your enterprise can, which will help drive your strategy. In other words, as your business expands and develops new ways of doing things, your technical partners must do so as well. They should be there to enable your business. For example, partnering with Google Cloud enables us to leverage their infrastructure to expand our complementary global cloud strategies. To facilitate innovation, make sure potential partners want to understand your business. They should be asking questions such as:  What are your business objectives? What roadblocks are you experiencing? Why? Partners who ask questions and take the time to understand your enterprise aren’t wildly throwing bodies or hardware at challenges. They save your company time, energy, and money and allow you to focus on the core of your enterprise. Business to business exists because we can’t (and shouldn’t) always do everything ourselves.

4. Always go with the experts.

Many cloud hosting companies want to be your Project Portfolio solutions partner. By “partner,” they mean offering cloud space but no real expertise. Google and SADA learned about LoadSpring, our technology, clientele, business philosophy. Then they demonstrated exactly how they could integrate with us. In other words, they earned our trust. That partnership means we can do better for you. Only LoadSpring has in-depth industry knowledge of complex project management applications, integrations, and infrastructure. We custom-build your perfect cloud and migrate your data FAST, heightening productivity and ROI from day one. You know—like a real business partner should.

Paying it forward

Setting the correct standards in advance enables you to evaluate potential cloud managed services partners on each of the listed decisive points and ensure that you don’t overlook essential requirements. In short, assess your collaborations thoughtfully and with a growth mindset.

At LoadSpring, we want to guide you where you want to go with the right tools when you get there. Before we get started providing managed cloud services to a customer, we do a thorough cloud assessment. Our professionals work to understand your business and your pain points rather than dropping a one-size-fits-all cloud into your lap.

I look at it this way. Cloud tech is a commodity, but it has to be the right cloud. We can provide you with a wide variety of tools and technology. The bottom line is that your business probably won’t need everything all at once, and most in measured quantities. The best partners accompany your cloud journey, helping to navigate challenges and overcome obstacles. We’ll get you to the cloud efficiently and in a way that makes sense for your business.

While picking the right tools can help shape a company’s business goals, many brilliant people still need to develop and deploy them. Like many other CTOs, securing top talent remains a primary goal for me this year. We also aim to increase our business- and project-intelligence capabilities and other technologies from a broader range of resources made possible through our partnerships. We focus on driving an even better business partner strategy, ROI improvement, and cloud experience for our customers, like we always do.

Contact us and see what an excellent partner can do for you.

Cameron Vixie

CTO, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.

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