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LoadSpringInsight Enables Intelligent Cloud Based Project Management

Project data is like food. Sometimes we have so much of it that it makes us sick. Instead of being overwhelmed by bucket loads of facts and figures, what we really need are concise highlights that tell us immediately how things are really going. Instead of raw data, we want relevant information or, better still, intelligent business insight. We need it in order to make better, real-time decisions, and become aware of factors critical to the success of our projects.

How to Get the Big Picture With All the Pieces

We need to bring together information from multiple sources and applications in order to gain a reliable, comprehensive overview. However, even best-in-class cloud based project management applications are seldom designed with this goal in mind. The challenge is to create consolidated reports extracted from different systems and applications. If you’ve tried this already yourself, you’ll know that this exercise is not for the fainthearted. It can take considerable time and effort. Unless, of course, you can access a solution that does all this heavy lifting for you.

LoadSpringInsight to Bring it All Together, Meaningfully

LoadSpringInsight one of many features on the LoadSpring Platform cloud based project management portal, does just that. As the LoadSpring Platform federates access to the different applications hosted in the cloud by LoadSpring, it also provides the links to key data sources. LoadSpringInsight then lets you selectively access the pieces of data of interest to you from all your apps and view it together on a single, intelligent dashboard.

Some commonly used applications currently synced with LoadSpringInsight include:

    • Primavera P6. Displays key project data, such as schedule status, completion percentage status, and red/yellow/green status indicators of project performance.
    • Primavera CM. Shows at-a-glance information on RFIs for organized communications and records of responses, as well as tracking project issues to help prevent impacts on costs and schedules. It also shows project cost status information, like budgets, RFPs, and selected vendors.
    • Contruent Enterprise—formerly known as ARES PRISM. Plots cost performance on a grid and S-curve, showing budget against actuals through time, and the possibility to drill down into cost codes and cost accounts

Gaining The Business Insights Of Specific Interest To You

But what if you want data from a different application or you want data to be displayed differently? LoadSpringInsight has the capability to meet both requirements. LoadSpring staff can integrate applications for you, so that you get the project performance information that means the most to you. In addition, custom intelligent dashboards are a LoadSpring specialty.

LoadSpring, the market leader in cloud based project management solutions, has also built a project status entry capability into LoadSpringInsight to let you record status at narrative level. Project performance parameters like safety metrics and customer satisfaction can be easily captured in LoadSpringInsight, even though this information is not natively available in Primavera P6/CM or Contruent Enterprise—formerly known as ARES PRISM.

In all, LoadSpringInsight unifies all the key data points for a higher, more useful level of executive reporting, integrating directly with the applications that are important to you. As a result, you can look forward to improved cost assessments, more precise performance measurements, enhanced forecasting accuracy, and other insights to bring you positive business impact.

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