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Project Controls Secrets from LOADSPRING Insiders

project controls

Are project controls essential in determining the scope for projects? Without a doubt! Decreasing the amount of project chaos and ensuring project completion is on-time and on-budget is every project management professional’s ultimate goal. Project Controls professionals worldwide are on a never-ending quest for ways to save time and cut costs, which are vital for project success.

The Inside Scoop
So, when it comes to project controls, what do Cloud hosting providers know that you don’t? Here’s the inside scoop from Jake Campbell, Sr. Cloud Solutions Engineer at LOADSPRING.

Start your project right!
Your project is ready to go, and you want to hit the ground running. Select a robust application for managing costs from the start of a project that can keep up. Although it is the world’s most used software platform, studies have shown that Excel is not scalable for large capital projects and for smaller projects it’s still inadequate, time-consuming, and limited. There is also a high a risk of errors and mistakes. When you are working on large and complex projects, you are facing thousands of control components. You do not want to check if every calculation adds up or if your actuals are correctly updated. Finding the errors creates scope creep and can derail your entire project.

Plan, execute, repeat
Project Control Managers are in the planning phase long before the project begins and continue revising and developing plans until project completion. The design, pre-construction, and procurement stages of a project each require planning for today and future repeatability. Critical complex applications like Oracle Primavera, Hexagon EcoSys PPM, Trimble Meridian, Deltek, and ARES are some of the best-of-breed applications our customers use to manage their projects. LOADSPRING can provide and deploy easy access to apps quickly as well as streamline application best practices. This requires constant monitoring and revisions as each phase of the project rolls out. It is critical to understand the risks of each phase of the project and to have back-up plans developed for unexpected obstacles. With those in place, you want to ensure that best practices are not re-invented for every project. LOADSPRING can streamline application best practices so that you can use them again on similar projects.

Who needs what?
Enterprises rely on the Project Control Managers for project reporting. Reporting must be accurate and be constantly updated for the current project. However, consistency in the reporting configurations, know where they can find information, so they can easily compare projects reports to each other can be a difficult without the right tools. A good Cost Management tool can quickly and consistently produce these reports and be integrated with accounting and scheduling tools for the exchange of data. Upper management loves valuable tools like LoadSpringInsight that are built right into the LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM. At a stroke, you are giving decision makers the power to use the project controls reporting they want, and when they want it.

Stay in control
Finally, Project Management Plans are often considered a dormant document once delivered to the project team. But for a project that is completed successfully, it is the backbone of the project controls team. A well thought out Project Management Plan lays the road map for how the project will be delivered to the client. With this document, the project will always have direction and documented business processes on how to work in the most efficient manner.

Hungry for more insider secrets on project controls? Well you’re in luck, because there’s plenty more where that came from. Contact us today at information@loadspring.com to speak with one of our Cloud solutions experts and discover how our LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM gives you supreme control of all your projects and collaborations worldwide.

Meet the inside experts
Our experts are obsessed with your project controls success. We are exhibiting at Project Controls Expo 2018 in London, Wednesday 14th November 2018. We’ll share more inside information with you. If you’re attending, join us at Stand #8 for even more tips, and see a demo of project controls apps on our LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM. Click here to sign up for your personalized demo with one of our exceptional Cloud solutions experts.

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