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Global leader in power availability solutions, provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature.American Power Conversion (APC), a global leader in power availability solutions, provides protection against some of the leading causes of downtime, data loss and hardware damage: power problems and temperature. Its comprehensive AC and DC power solutions improve the manageability, availability and performance of sensitive electronic, network, communications and industrial equipment of all sizes. Listed on the Nasdaq 100 and the S&P 500 index, APC is ranked among the “Fortune 1000” list of the largest U.S. companies and the “Forbes Platinum 400” list of the best big companies in America.

One of APC’s recent projects includes the world’s most environmentally responsible high-rise in Bryant Park, New York City. Named for a globally recognized financial institution, this “green” 52-story tower will be constructed largely of recycled and recyclable building materials. It’s estimated that 5% of the U.S. GDP will flow through the tower daily when it opens in 2008. To ensure the highest reliability, APC was tasked with creating an instant backup system of 16 1MW uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). A project this complex required seamless collaboration among a diverse group of experts.

With APC’s increased services and the drive to maximize productivity with its current projects, the need for Primavera’s Expedition and Enterprise project management and scheduling software was inherent. Knowing that LoadSpring Solutions relies on APC for data center power to support its clients’ needs, APC tapped LoadSpring to meet its own clients’ requirements for remote access to Primavera’s project management software.

Delivered in one week, LoadSpring’s SpringBoard Control Console, an online application hosting and management system, gave APC the behind-the-scenes power it needed to facilitate optimal communications between internal and external team members in an environment that is simple and secure. With an easy-to-use web interface combined with 128-bit encrypted authentication, SpringBoard Control Console meets the needs of all project team members.

By outsourcing this business-critical IT function to LoadSpring, APC is able to:

  • Successfully meet its clients’ requirements of having secure and reliable remote access to project management software and data
  • Increase its profitability by outsourcing business-critical application management, enabling IT to focus on mission-critical projects
  • Exceed corporate infrastructure objectives by delivering an enterpriselevel secured environment and 24×7 support for regionally dispersed project teams

“LoadSpring helped APC exceed customers’ expectations on a daily basis. Without a secure platform to hare critical project applications and data, teams would not be able to implement a back-up power system of this magnitude. “

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