Executive Profiles

Our entrepreneurial, fast-paced organization continues to grow at a rapid pace, thanks to our executive vision makers and doers.

D. Eric Leighton, President and CEO of LoadSpring

D. Eric Leighton

President, CEO and Mastermind & Founder

Jim Smith, Executive Vice President at LoadSpring

Jim Smith

Executive Vice President of Cloud Solutions & Founder

Cameron Vixie, Executive Vice President, Engineering & Development at LoadSpring

Cameron Vixie

Chief Technology Officer

Stacey Witt, Executive Vice President, Marketing at LoadSpring

Stacey Witt

Chief Marketing Officer

Dean Edmundson

Dean Edmundson

Chief Strategy Officer

Michael Foresteire

Asif Sharif

Executive Vice President of EMEA Strategy

Crystal Carter

Crystal Carter

Vice President of Employee Experience

Michael Foresteire

Vice President of Finance

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