Areva Nuclear Power

Designs and constructs nuclear power plants, including instrumentation and control, modernization and maintenance services and the supply of nuclear fuel.AREVA Nuclear Power (NP) is dedicated to the design and construction of nuclear power plants, including instrumentation and control, modernization and maintenance services and the supply of nuclear fuel. Once only focused on constructing power plants, AREVA NP is now delivering power, making it a leading, all-inclusive, nuclear power solution.

In 2005, AREVA NP teamed with Constellation to form UniStar Nuclear, a joint enterprise that provides the business framework for the first fleet of advanced nuclear power plants to be developed and deployed. Today, UniStar Nuclear is working to construct nuclear power facilities throughout the world, with its most recent project in Finland.

The three major companies involved in UniStar, Bechtel for construction, Constellation for plant management and AREVA NP as the reactor vendor, wanted to limit outside access to each of their information networks. This is a lofty expectation when each company must collaborate and share project documents, including Primavera Enterprise, with one another, and often in real-time.

AREVA NP, along with the team comprising UniStar Nuclear, integrated LoadSpring’s SpringBoard Control Console, an online application hosting system that allows users to access software and project data from any Internet connection around the world in a secure, real-time environment.

By bringing each company involved in UniStar Nuclear projects together on the SpringBoard Control Console, AREVA NP was able to ensure that its internal network would not be jeopardized by outside threats.

LoadSpring and the SpringBoard Control Console are empowering team collaboration for UniStar Nuclear and enabling all teams, including AREAVA NP to:

  • Protect business-critical data and internal network without exposing mission-critical data to external vulnerabilities
  • Increase project teams’ efficiency and effectiveness by providing easy and secure real-time access to the applications and data they need to complete projects on time and on budget
  • Ensure enterprise-level security without enterprise-level cost

“AREVA NP utilizes the SpringBoard Control Console to allow third-party partners, including Bechtel and Constellation, secure access to its documents and data for the UniStar Nuclear projects around the world. “

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