BAM Nuttall and LoadSpring: Join Forces

BAM Nuttall Customer Success Story

BAM Nuttall is a UK-based civil engineering firm involved in everything from Olympic sites to railway construction in Scotland and airport modernization in Tanzania. The company is focused on delivering quality infrastructure projects and is committed to being the market leader in implementing digital technology.

Big Digital Goals for Equally Big Projects

The company is currently involved in many major initiatives to boost project efficiency and sharpen its competitive edge. These include excelling in the documentation, site deliveries, CAD/BIM, scheduling, and enterprise 4D. It was essential that each process was automated and viewed digitally. Another goal is to work towards 5D BIM by 2020.

Life Before the Cloud

Before connecting with LoadSpring, every BAM Nuttall project was assigned its own planner, each responsible for its own IT, which included everything from software upgrades and maintenance to data storage. This arrangement caused frustrating snags in security, information sharing, and access.

BAM Nuttall & LoadSpring Join Forces

Moving to LoadSpring’s Cloud Platform (and its secure access outside of BAM’s internal systems) solved a host of issues. One big challenge was securing access to and from Joint Venture Partners (JVPs) and project owners. LoadSpring solved the problem by providing real-time access to key parties like project owners, JVPs, and executive teams into our third party neutral cloud called the LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Partnering with LoadSpring opened the way to achieve enterprise 4D capabilities and prepare for 5D in the future. It also increased efficiency and ROI by putting the company’s Information Technology requirements and in-house support back in the hands of their IT team.

LoadSpring Solutions Today and Tomorrow

BAM Nuttall started by partnering with LoadSpring on one sizeable project. The job succeeded with flying colours, and the firm now uses the LoadSpring Cloud Platform and digital structure throughout the business. LoadSpring is also part of BAM Nuttall’s foundation for their 2020 strategy to become trailblazers in digital projects. Today they’ve mastered 4D abilities and trust LoadSpring to help make their 5D platform goals a reality.


“LoadSpring's level of service, tech support and willingness to help was exceptional. They were indispensable in helping us move ahead on our digital leadership strategy.”

— John Gaskin, Planning Systems Manager, BAM Nuttall

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