Black & Veatch Corporation Case Study (EcoSys)

Black & Veatch Customer Success Story

As a leading project company, Black & Veatch lives by its schedules, workflows, and deliverables. Its engineering, procurement, and construction activities are also highly complex with many moving parts. The 12,000 company employees work to make sure that everything meshes perfectly, using cutting-edge technology to help them reach their objectives. Naturally, that technology must therefore be dependable and offer users a high performance, while keeping operational costs within bounds.

Black & Veatch saw the potential of the EcoSys project performance software to bring its teams the efficiency, predictability, and control they needed. As a single enterprise solution integrating portfolio, project, and contract management, EcoSys could help boost project performance through smarter and faster insights. By selecting this technology, Black & Veatch would achieve its first truly global enterprise software deployment to manage and maximize profits for all its 20,000 active projects across the world.

However, excellent software is just one-half of a solution. The other half is robust, high-performance hosting that optimizes availability and the user experience. Think of a solution like this as a car. You need a great engine, one that offers both power and efficiency. But the only sure way to get where you want to go is to also have a quality chassis, suspension, and the other essential supporting systems.

At first, Black & Veatch attempted to host and manage EcoSys in its own internal data center, outsourcing support to a third party. However, they discovered additional assistance was needed to fully support the complexity of EcoSys. Black & Veatch was looking for a provider to assist with improving overall end-user experience and stability within the system along with decreasing the resolution time for support cases.

Fixing the problems was made even more difficult by a lack of visibility. Black & Veatch could not tell if critical resources used to run EcoSys were in danger of maxing out. The outages that followed, unfortunately, could not be resolved in a timely manner, which caused operational issues for 20-plus integrations between EcoSys and other enterprise systems. Black & Veatch knew it had to find a better hosting platform and support solution. From whom? LOADSPRING, of course!

The improvement came rapidly for Black & Veatch once the LOADSPRING team and their LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM swung into action. Within the first 60 days, Black & Veatch saw performance boosted by an extra 60% for its users. The LOADSPRING Advanced Performance Management System gave Black & Veatch access to critical key performance indicators (KPIs) for the EcoSys platform, pointing the company towards the right adjustments to optimize results. LOADSPRING’s Extreme DR service was also a key part of the new EcoSys hosting solution.

“Loadspring’s expertise in both project management and the EcoSys application itself ensures we have the performance, security, and disaster recovery required for our business units. Loadspring has saved us a huge number of internal hours so far through the benefits within the Loadspring Cloud Platform. For our EcoSys hosting, we couldn’t wish for a better provider.”

— Black & Veatch

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