Black & Veatch Corporation: A Bright Future with LoadSpring

Black & Veatch Customer Success Story

As a multi-project, multinational enterprise, Black and Veatch have a healthy appetite for new business. The company is already a leader across continents in its traditional markets of telecom, oil and gas, power, water, and wastewater management. But with so many additional opportunities, Black and Veatch also want to continue to expand into new markets. The question is – how?

Every great structure needs a solid foundation

For Judy Veatch, Manager of Project Systems at Black & Veatch, growth requires rock-solid support for the different software applications that drive the company’s diverse activities. It also means rapid response times in getting new applications up and running. The company has more than 100 offices worldwide and 100+ major projects going at any given time. Supporting systems and infrastructure must be available when needed.

Messy hosting jobs? LOADSPRING at your service!

Hosting flawlessly and seamlessly is a challenge to any IT team. Bringing applications online for new projects can get complicated fast. It drains energy away from core competences and capabilities. Offloading those tasks from internal IT was the first major benefit provided by LOADSPRING as their cloud solution provider. As Judy Veatch puts it, LOADSPRING is willing to do the “messy jobs” that the Black and Veatch IT team won’t, especially when working with apps that are complex and difficult to host.

Building the perfect project cloud

The reason why LOADSPRING can step in to help so effectively is simple. Getting hosted apps to work properly for Black and Veatch, as for all of their customers, is strategically important. LOADSPRING is the only cloud project management company to provide complete solutions with the experience and technology to make the complex simple. The LOADSPRING Cloud Platform is a glowing example, centralizing all solutions into one perfect, customized cloud for each customer.

Standout performance, whenever, wherever

After comparing with other external providers, Veatch found that the LOADSPRING Platform stood out when it came to ensuring hosting work was done successfully and cost-effectively. Her verdict was clear: “None of them have the secret sauce that the LOADSPRING Cloud Portal represents.” Veatch is also convinced about LOADSPRING’s competitiveness, because she’s witnessed their responsiveness time and time again. Like when they needed the rapid standup of an ESRI server and portal solution that was urgently needed for a system requiring a map interface. Not to mention the fast and easy license management to help increase Black and Veatch software adoption rates and productivity.

Cost-effective and no surprises in the prices

Even better, “With LOADSPRING, we know the cost up front,” Veatch explains, underlining LOADSPRING value with a telling anecdote. She asked LOADSPRING and a competing service provider to provide a quote for the same implementation. The competitor suggested her company pay for the quote to be prepared; LOADSPRING didn’t. Ultimately, the quote provided by the competitor to put together a simple estimate

was equal to the price LOADSPRING quoted for the full implementation!

LOADSPRING is the go-to Cloud provider

As Judy Veatch eloquently says, “When we need to host collaboration type tools or messy applications, LOADSPRING is our go-to company.” She’s also a big fan of the way our LOADSPRING engineers quickly and cohesively respond to all her questions about new implementations.

One century gone, next century coming up

Black & Veatch also recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary. While looking back at its achievements, the company is also thinking about the next 100 years, and how it will build a world of difference for its customers. For Judy Veatch, creativity and fearlessness to take on new projects and challenges will be key factors for her company in the future. They are also features she recognizes in the LOADSPRING team that works with her. As she says, “The future for Black and Veatch is looking very bright.”

“None of them [other Cloud providers] have the secret sauce that the LoadSpring Cloud Platform represents.”

— Judy Veatch, Manager of Project Systems, Black & Veatch

“When we need to host collaboration-type tools or messy applications, LoadSpring is our go-to company.”

— Judy Veatch, Manager of Project Systems, Black & Veatch

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