DASNY and LoadSpring: Longtime Partners

DASNY Customer Success Story

Founded in 1944, The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York provides construction, financing, and allied services that assist New York State’s general population. They are involved in a wide array of public construction projects and have begun to focus on environmental sustainability and inclusive communities, completing nearly $2 billion in capital projects annually.

DASNY came to LoadSpring in 2004 for secure access to software and project data for internal project managers and external contractors. They also sought to integrate complex ERP and contract management data.
This long-term partnership has proven to be an empowering experience for DASNY.

Challenges and Solutions

Connecting Contractors: DASNY’s myriad construction and complex developments require thousands of state employees and contractors. Linking to DASNY’s network from outside creates increased security challenges for their internal IT. LoadSpring eased this challenge by moving their project software to LoadSpring Cloud Platform. The platform ensures secure and easy access for remote employees and contractors alike, freeing internal IT to focus on innovating and helping grow the business. The platform makes it simple to scale up or down as projects fluctuate, providing flexibility and easy provisioning of licenses to new users.
Secure Platform: LoadSpring’s Multi-factor Authentication provides enhanced security and easy logins for users, while LoadSpring Cloud Platform’s Federated Authentication services enable easy login to the platform by authenticating against their Identity Provider.
Integrating Systems: Some clients require earlier or unsupported versions of programs, but some older programs might run poorly or not at all. DASNY relied on Oracle Primavera Contract Management, originally built for the traditional General Contractor. Oracle phased out Primavera Contract Management, creating a problematic situation for DASNY. They attempted a complicated, custom integration solution, which proved too difficult and expensive. With expert guidance from LoadSpring based on their use case, DASNY moved to PMWeb hosted on LoadSpring Cloud Platform. Once again, LoadSpring’s trusted team migrated their data to a new cloud-hosted solution, handling complex integrations with ease while hosting their original software as long as necessary for the transition.

LoadSpringMobile Solution: DASNY schedulers use Oracle’s Primavera P6. They were interested in a cost-effective access and training solution for field usage. To meet the need for a simple user interface that integrated directly with P6 and access only to what’s necessary to report on field status, LoadSpring developed integration with P6 Schedule Updater for LoadSpringMobile. LoadSpringMobile is a mobile version of LoadSpring Cloud Platform designed with a user interface for streamlined access. It allows DASNY’s people on the ground to connect with P6 scheduling data with ease. Field teams see only what’s needed, which protects sensitive data and streamlines business processes to keep jobs running smoothly. Schedulers get more real-time data, which improves project success. LoadSpringMobile runs on just about any connected device, which also eases hardware and IT expense burden.

Partners in the Cloud

DASNY renews with LoadSpring year over year, benefitting both companies in a collaborative process. DASNY is an early and enthusiastic adopter of LoadSpringMobile, and their customization requests benefit the product and everyone that uses it. LoadSpring also hosts legacy software for DASNY, which allows them a long runway to operate from without interruption while new solutions are researched and implemented. LoadSpring anticipates continued, mutually beneficial relations with DASNY, which benefits the State of New York.

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