Faithful+Gould: Seeking a Secure Cloud

Faithful+Gould Customer Success Story

Faithful+Gould is a Project and Program Management consulting firm that operates globally as a member of SNC-Lavalin Group. The company operates in industries ranging from transportation, oil and gas production, and food processing, to naval shipyards, and solar power sites.

During a recent interview with Faithful+Gould’s Technical Director, Graeme Hoey, we asked about Faithful+Gould’s partnership with LoadSpring. Hoey said, “We needed someone who could provide a secure Cloud environment and let us better serve our customers.”

“Before LoadSpring, we used a Cloud environment from another vendor. We also had a Citrix environment for estimating and scheduling software.” Hoey went on to add, “But our apps were run locally, with the obvious issues that come with that.” Chief among these issues was the complexity of supporting project teams internally while keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.

He explained, “We were looking for easier access to specialized Project Management applications, and a powerful Cloud platform to connect our teams around the world. Only LoadSpring offered the vast experience we needed—and outstanding support 24/7.”

“At one point, we needed to migrate applications from our old environment to the new,” Hoey stated, “and the help we received from LoadSpring allowed us to minimize any disruption to our client’s business.”
“Now we’re changing direction as a company as it relates to technology. We started moving away from our own products and began leveraging best-of-breed tools in the marketplace. We needed someone with knowledge of those tools and how they needed to be supported. Loadspring provided that.”

Currently, Faithful+Gould has two separate sets of applications within LoadSpring Cloud Platform – their own internal products that they’re currently transitioning away from, and a new system built around Oracle Primavera software.
“A major difference I’ve seen with LoadSpring is the ability to raise a support ticket directly within their platform,” he said. “In the past, it was an email process to some third-party help desk. Now our users can track support status until the problem’s resolved. LoadSpring becomes the single source of global support for our users, providing them with help for their Project Management applications, integrations, and infrastructure.”

Hoey wrapped up by saying, “The key factor in working with LoadSpring is that they provide all the vital tools and systems our staff and clients need to better deliver projects. Without that, we’d still be running things locally, without the advantages of a hosted cloud environment.”

“LOADSPRING knows technology and we certainly see more focus on tech these days. We can count on the LOADSPRING Cloud Platform to help us continue to grow. ”

— Graeme Hoey, Technical Director, Faithful+Gould

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