Flatiron Construction Corp: Leveraging LoadSpring Software Expertise

Flatiron Customer Success Story

Flatiron is based in Broomfield, Colorado, and provides innovative solutions to infrastructure challenges in the U.S. and Canada. Flatiron builds highways, bridges, airports, rail transit, dams, water facilities, and underground projects. One of its iconic projects is the construction of the San Francisco / Oakland Bay Bridge Skyway. Before coming to LoadSpring, Flatiron’s internal IT was hosting Oracle Primavera P6 EPPM (P6) on individual workstations.


LoadSpring Enhances Internal IT: Flatiron’s top priority was centralizing Primavera P6. Flatiron was able to offload IT burdens by utilizing LoadSpring Cloud Platform to host P6. This move eliminated deployment issues, unified version control, and leveraged the performance benefits of custom-tuned cloud hosting. It also served as the set up to a long term goal of data centralization. Flatiron’s schedulers are now able to get help quickly from LoadSpring’s expert technical support.

Flatiron was also in a joint venture that required sharing schedule data in P6, but firewall access for a partner created security risks. Allowing the partner access to P6 via LoadSpring Cloud Platform easily and efficiently solved this issue with secure portal entry; this also ensured sharable project data.

Centralized Projects that Create Peace of Mind: The lack of uniform installation and updates of P6 created separate and incompatible project data sets and potential security risks. LoadSpring Cloud Platform application hosting unified data sets, and allowed everyone to work from the same version 100% of the time. Flatiron also needed a way to back up all of its project data to one place. LoadSpring created a centralized model for Flatiron, enabling the complete integrity of schedule data. This pool of data unified analysis and reporting on Flatiron’s project resources, resulting in companywide improvements in project control and efficiency.

Flatiron is obligated to host legal data for various clients for decades. This obligation presents many challenges for Flatiron. LoadSpring fulfills this need by hosting Contract Management in LoadSpring Cloud Platform. This perpetual turnkey hosting removes security concerns and maintenance needs from internal IT, which in turn provides peace of mind and ease of access.

Additionally, Flatiron was preparing for a major ERP upgrade, which would require a majority of its IT resources and focus. LoadSpring presented a proposal to host HeavyJob, which would offload 80% of the IT burden of rolling out HeavyJob. Flatiron accepted the proposal, allowing for a seamless transition to HeavyJob, and enabling internal IT to complete its upgrade as well.

Maximizing Software Investment: Managing and tracking who has access to P6 manually can be a job in itself. This lack of automation caused difficulties for Flatiron in billing and created confusion. LoadSpring Cloud Platform enabled Flatiron to easily manage and recycle licenses as needed, which maximizes software adoption investment (and saves time and money).

“They made it easy to get to the cloud. LoadSpring’s knowledge of their hosted applications translates to better implementation. Hosting in the cloud gives us better performance, and their customer support helps keep our people focused on the task at hand.”

— Michelle Schiller, IT Applications Manager, Flatiron Construction

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