Flood Protection Authority East: Solving Security Challenges

Flood Protection Authority East Customer Success Story

After Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the State of Louisiana determined there was an underlying need to regionalize levee districts in order to coordinate plans, projects, and procedures to better protect against future storms.

The Flood Protection Authority-East determined this mission would be accomplished by working with local, regional, state, and federal partners. Together they would be able to effectively construct, operate and maintain projects designed to reduce the probability and risk of flooding for the residents and businesses within the State.

To help execute this mission and address the various challenges they would face, the Flood Protection Authority-East was keenly aware that an experienced Cloud solutions partner was needed to develop the right cloud strategy. That’s where LoadSpring™ came in!

The Challenge:

Before partnering with the tech gurus at LoadSpring on their Cloud strategy, the Flood Protection Authority-East was managing schedules on individual desktops. This made it difficult for employees to collaborate with one another and did not provide a centralized platform for administrators to manage licenses/users for their applications. If this wasn’t challenging enough, there was also the major security risk of an employee losing their laptop.

The Solution:

After partnering with LoadSpring, a strategy was developed to provide fast and effective ways to improve collaboration, track licenses/users and protect data security from Cloud hackers. LoadSpring provided the Flood Protection Authority-East with a LoadSpring Essentials Cloud for their Cloud environment. Within the same Cloud environment, the LoadSpring Essentials Cloud also hosted/managed their user licenses of Oracle’s Primavera P6 application.

The LoadSpring Cloud Platform helped solve the Flood Protection Authority-East’s access and security challenges as well as provided them with exceptional global support and streamlined user registration, easing the pressures on overworked administrators. Also, costly in-house training became a thing of the past, since they now had access to the LoadSpringAcademy, a free virtual university developed to simplify user training while improving overall adoption.

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