Gannett Fleming: How a Personal Cloud was the Right Fit

Gannett Fleming Customer Success Story

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Gannett Fleming has been a leader in global infrastructure solutions focusing primarily on planning, design, technology, and construction management services for more than a century in over 65 different countries! In 2018, they achieved $483 million in revenue and continuously rank in the top 1% of engineering firms worldwide. With more than 60 offices and 2,500 employees worldwide, it is important for them to maximize the efficiency of their business operations to adhere to their commitment to delivering excellence to every client and project each day.

Despite everything going well for them, even successful global firms like Gannett Fleming need assistance from experienced professionals when it comes to hosting specialized software in the Cloud.

Life before the cloud

Prior to choosing LoadSpring, Gannett Fleming’s experience with Sage Estimating software as an enterprise solution was challenging. They needed mobility and flexibility from any location using this powerful software with seamless connectivity. Instead, they had limited functionality through VPN connections making it difficult for them to collaborate. This caused additional burdens on internal IT resources and lead to lost valuable response time.

Overall, the experience was dismal. Internal IT departments were tasked with configuring VPN accounts, managing software updates, locking down security protocols, and meeting compliance standards while continuously scaling to keep up with growing business demands. Gannett Fleming needed more ease-of-use with the software so IT could focus on pressing internal responsibilities. They needed Sage Estimating to be always accessible to the right people, for more project control, and on-time project delivery. These challenges made it difficult for all parties involved. Recognizing the need for expertise, they looked for a partner with a proven record of success setting up uninterrupted connectivity at lightning speed for improved margins on capital projects—that partner would be LoadSpring.

Delivering excellence as promised with the Cloud experts

The LoadSpring Cloud Platform features cloud integrations that could be tailor-made to meet Gannett Fleming’s specific business needs. LoadSpring cloud solutions experts quickly and easily deployed customized software configurations, as well as enhanced best practices resulting in their Perfect Cloud. LoadSpring Essentials—Professional Cloud was the implementation that maximized their software ROI and efficiency.

With Sage Estimating running at speeds up to 61% faster than they could have hoped for with other Cloud providers, they can expect improved application adoption with 24/7/365 legendary support from LoadSpring. Gannett Fleming can proudly continue to provide, “Excellence Delivered As Promised.”

If you’re are looking for ways to maximize your software ROI and efficiency, see proof of how LoadSpring beats other Cloud providers in terms of sheer outright speed and integration. LoadSpring does all the heavy lifting for you. Call us at 978.685.9715 today or email Our experts know Cloud-based Project Management software up one side and down the other. Go for it!

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