HART Picks Up the Pace Thanks to LoadSpring

Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation Customer Success Story

The New Rail Transport Project for HART (Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation) is all about user experience. Commuters will get a reliable, cost-effective, and time-saving service to take them where they need to go. Yet they won’t have to worry about the machinery or technology underneath. That’s also how Lisa Varney, Senior Project Control Analyst at HART, sees the Cloud Project Management solutions from LoadSpring—As reliable, cost-effective services that let Varney and her team focus on the key goal of delivering the New Rail Transport solution, without having to worry about the servers or software.

An RFP to find the right provider

Varney and her team had no doubt about the IT-driven project management solution they needed. They also knew that skills constraints would mean having to find a suitable external provider. The RFP (request for proposal) they drew up had four critical requirements:

  1. Daily Backups
  2. Security, including secure login
  3. Single access portal
  4. Cost-effective

LoadSpring met all the criteria and also offered much more. LoadSpring Cloud Platform was a huge competitive advantage. This advanced, highly customizable, and user-friendly technology now puts all the project information needed by the HART project team members at their fingertips, when they need it.

Secure data access from anywhere

LoadSpring Cloud Platform gives the 323+ users in the HART project team a single sign-on capability to access Primavera P6, Contract Management, and SharePoint. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform also helped HART expand the use of SharePoint as a central information repository. Users on the mainland can now download and review submittals at all times of the day. “Having LoadSpring host our software in the Cloud makes it easy for everyone to access our data anywhere, 24/7,” says Varney. Access also remains secure, as LoadSpring is certified for SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II compliance.

HART also identified value in having their employees and subcontractors train remotely via LoadSpringAcademy, a feature found directly on LoadSpring Cloud Platform offering hundreds of free preloaded and customizable tutorials, along with quizzing and progress tracking system.

LoadSpring support smarts for HART

Through LoadSpring Cloud Platform, Varney can see all the support tickets created by her team and put training material up for users to access. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform lets her see who is logging in, what software they are using, and the geographic location where they are logging in. This provides easier and faster license control and management. It also helps increase user adoption rates and avoid software turning into shelfware.

A wide range of project management apps

If the HART project needs new applications, there is a choice from a total of over 200 project management applications, accessible via LoadSpring Cloud Platform. All these applications are expertly hosted and supported by LoadSpring, the only cloud project management company that provides such complete solutions to its customers. Testing, integration, and deployment are all part of the services available. If HART team members want to experiment with a new application, “sandbox” facilities are available to try out different scenarios, without perturbing existing project management.

“Customer support is phenomenal”

Besides LoadSpring’s legendary flexibility, agility, and speed, we also provide the HART project team with tailored support. We match the team’s specific needs and provide fast, expert support for their infrastructure, software, and integrations 24/7/365. Lisa Varney says, “The customer support from LoadSpring is phenomenal. LoadSpring engineers are the experts in the Primavera/Oracle software.”

Bottom line: better projects

LoadSpring has enabled HART project members to focus on the project management side of their project, without having to deal with the technical aspects. In Varney’s words, “I don’t have to worry about whether we have the latest software version if we have enough server capacity, and so forth. LoadSpring handles all of that.” That means if the questions from her users are about how to use the software, she can answer them directly, which makes the team more efficient. Project performance is enhanced and so is the user experience—benefits that your organization could also be experiencing by partnering with LoadSpring for your cloud project management needs.

See and listen to Lisa Varney in this article’s companion video. Aim your browser to www.LoadSpring.com/videos.

“Having LoadSpring host our software in the Cloud makes it easy for everyone to access our data anywhere, 24/7.”

— Lisa Varney, Senior Project Control Analyst, HART

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