Swinerton: Benefits Digitally with LoadSpring

Swinerton Customer Success Story

The Background

Swinerton, San Francisco’s premier commercial construction company since 1888, first worked with LoadSpring in 2014. Their reputation for quality, safety, and success was born from the ashes of the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, where their Fairmont Hotel construction project was one of the few buildings to survive. Since then they have expanded nationwide and built many notable and iconic structures including:

  • Ghirardelli Square
  • Levi’s Plaza
  • Gap Worldwide Headquarters
  • NASA Sustainability Base
  • WeyerHaeuser Headquarters

Swinerton first turned to LoadSpring for cloud hosting of Primavera P6, which enabled them to manage their wide array of geographically diverse construction projects.

The Challenge

Recently, Swinerton’s management decided on Sage Estimating to achieve fast and accurate estimates for their projects. They wanted to be able to host the application to make it available from a remote cloud infrastructure. They also needed the rollout process for their takeoff applications to be turnkey, and for all the data generated by their projects to be hosted into their corporate reporting methodology toolset. LoadSpring’s successful integration and years of hosting Primavera P6 for Swinerton made it an easy choice for Swinerton to align themselves once more for a Sage Estimating hosted app solution.

The Solution

LoadSpring’s team of experts was able to meet Swinerton’s needs with a custom solution delivered through LoadSpring Cloud Platform that provides:

  • Expert integration of system and application administration tasks between the cloud and the business functionality of the application for business needs.
  • LoadSpring’s global support for applications and infrastructure maximized internal resources to refocus away from System and Application Administration to actual Project Delivery.
  • Enterprise reporting access to LoadSpring hosted applications via Power BI Gateway configurations.
  • Single Sign-on via Federated Authentication simplifying the user experience and ease of access into the LoadSpring Cloud Platform enabled application suite.

Business Benefits

  • Optimized management of resources to ensure 100% focus on cost estimate deliverables and profitability.
  • Reduced the risk of data loss and created a more secure disaster recovery environment.
  • Enabled focus on timely and accurate estimates with quick and easy adoption of global support for Sage Estimating, eTakeoff, and the other applications used by the Estimating office.

Digital Journey

LoadSpring has made the following contributions to Swinerton’s project success:

  1. LoadSpring Private Cloud
  2. Back up and Disaster Recovery with 8 hours RPO and 8-hour RTO
  3. 125 users of Sage Estimating @ Performance Level B1 to support the migration of 17 separate Sage databases
  4. 15 users of eTakeoff Dimension @ Performance Level A1
  5. eTakeoff Bridge for integration support
  6. 5 users of Assemble @ Performance Level A1
  7. 5 users of Innovaya Visual Estimating @ Performance Level A1
  8. Power BI Gateway and 5 Power BI Desktop Users @ Performance Level A1
  9. 135 users of Advanced Identity Management

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