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Tutor Perini Building Corp. Customer Success Story

Perini Management Services, Inc. (PMSI), is responsible for Tutor Perini Building Corp.’s entire international and many of its specialized domestic projects. Recognized annually among Engineering News Record’s top 50 contractors, Perini has performed work in more than 70 countries and has developed extensive experience working in underdeveloped countries such as those in the Middle East, Africa, and Central Asia.

PMSI needed a more efficient way of managing construction projects led by team members in the U.S. and abroad, including those in Darulaman/Kabul, Afghanistan, and the Task Force Restore Iraqi Electricity project. PMSI decided to use Oracle Primavera Contract Management and Oracle Primavera software to assist in managing these projects but did not have a way to provide access to these applications to team members outside of the PMSI headquarters. Corporate estimated that to specify, acquire and implement this infrastructure in-house would take 12 weeks. Also, PMSI needed a way to provide data for new projects and users who were working in time zones eight hours ahead of corporate.

The solution

PMSI chose LoadSpring Cloud Platform as its remote software access solution because it enabled the company to outsource a set of business-critical software applications, without diverting internal IT personnel from focusing on mission-critical software deployments. In PMSI’s remote locations, lightweight access to their software was imperative because of limited access to electricity and the Internet, making LoadSpring Cloud Platform an ideal tool to help PMSI achieve its goals.

LoadSpring was able to significantly reduce implementation time by delivering the solution within a week, opposed to the in-house estimate of 12 weeks. With help from LoadSpring, PMSI delivered a self-managing system to remote field units in Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan at a fraction of the cost it would take to do it internally.

LoadSpring Cloud Platform became the platform of choice for PMSI’s Middle East project and allowed Perini to:

  • Increase profits by reducing the cost of managing remote software
    deployment systems.
  • Streamlined efficiencies by allowing internal IT staff to focus on tasks
    that was more essential to the daily business.
  • Improve timeline and deadline completion by standardizing the global team on one central set of applications and data, even from remote regions of the world.
“LoadSpring saved us eight weeks on our project schedule. The teams in Afghanistan and Iraq now access the same live databases as the teams here in the U.S. We definitely are communicating more efficiently, and working smarter with LoadSpring Cloud Platform.”

— John Gerstenlauer, VP Operations, Tutor Perini Building Corp.

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