Michael Foresteire

Executive Director, Finance

Michael Foresteire represents LoadSpring with over 25-years of experience in Finance, and over 7 of those years at LoadSpring. Michael is an invaluable leader of the Finance team and works closely with the Sales and Marketing teams as well. At his core, Michael believes in proactive, hands-on leadership not just with the Finance Team, but across all segments of the business. As a LoadSpring veteran, and a respected leader in the company, Michael has earned a strong reputation for success and excellence.

Although Michael’s professional passion is in Technology, throughout his career, Michael also has experience in the Transportation, Legal, Telecom and Manufacturing industries. In his current and prior roles, Michael has always led the Finance and Accounting teams and has at time also led HR, Legal and Administrative teams.

Michael was born and raised in Massachusetts, just north of Boston, and some years ago moved his family to the beautiful state of New Hampshire. Michael earned his Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Management from The University of Massachusetts.

In his down time, Michael enjoys cooking, golfing and fishing but most of all he cherishes time spent with family and friends.

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