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14 Years of LoadSpring!

Looking Back or Looking Forward? Yes.

Flash back to the Boston area in 1999. That’s when our President, CEO and Professional Mastermind Eric Leighton wrote the first business plan and identified the first employees for LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. Since then, we’ve progressed so far and made so many innovations, it’s been enough to make our collective heads spin.

Now, after 14 years, pretty much everyone knows us as the major player in our field. Outside industry experts have validated LoadSpring as “the one to beat,” both now and for the foreseeable future. In fact, we’ve been recognized in so many ways, it’s almost embarrassing. For example:

• We’re the foremost Complex Managed Services cloud provider in the country

• LoadSpring is THE market leader in the Project Management Cloud space

• Our technology has been vetted by industry-leading specialists and is considered to have the “best of best” practices, equipment and scope of services

• Our brand is recognized around the world

• There simply aren’t any companies doing what we’re doing or generating the results we’re generating

It’s all made possible by a team of ardent professionals that really care about our customers and lasting success.

Now, flash forward. Between now and our next anniversary, we have plans to take LoadSpring (and our customers) to a whole new level. Look for new advances and expanded offerings. Look for new ways we’ll make your job easier, faster and more productive. Look for stuff that we can only hint at right now, but will make a big difference in the way you do business.

As we bring more talented individuals on board—and put even bolder innovations in place—we’ll never forget who we’re working for. (That would be you.)

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