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3 Key Benefits of Harnessing Digital Transformation for Project Organizations


Digital Transformation is the Ultimate Game Changer

If there’s one thing businesses from every industry have in common, it’s the incentive to pursue technological infrastructure development. A lot of them have already started. IDG, a media and data company, reported that 89% of organizations have adopted or have plans to adopt a digital-first strategy. Innovative software, such as project management apps, is becoming the backbone of operations.

Once a company finds the right digital partner and vendor, it’s poised to win big in major business areas — decision-making, business agility, and profitability.

To some, digital transformation means finally moving all their precious Project Management software snugly into the Cloud. To others it means streamlining business processes for bigger project margins, easier app management and integrated data warehousing. Still others use digital transformation to implement projects throughout their design, construction and maintenance lifecycle.

Whether you call it cloud computing, digital transformation, or Digital Construction, it’s about technology that will bring change to internal resource requirements, processes, people, and to the foundation for which your data resides. This digital transformation allows you to take market share from your competitors and opens a range of possibilities for differentiation and growth. If you’re a project-intensive organization, digital transformation leads to three distinct advantages:

1. Faster paced, forward-looking decisions

Business Intelligence is not just a resource for analytics and a reporting tool. With the right digital transformation strategy and cloud business intelligence solutions, it can become a centerpiece of enterprise strategy and focus that guides decisions at all levels of an organization. The opportunity with digital BI is to provide live views of diverse project data points, driven by smart integration, that can be delivered in the cloud. Companies often make the mistake of believing that it will be easy to implement systems and create big benefits, only to run into roadblocks from inexperience either internally or from a generic Cloud platform. By choosing a Cloud platform with specific project management expertise, your business can get better at mining all that data more effectively and efficiently.

How we can help:

Our LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM serves as your single, centralized platform for all your integrated project apps and data warehouse that is accessible 24/7. It can accelerate all your digital construction or data warehousing initiatives. Our built-in intelligence feature called LoadSpringInsight combines strategy and technology. This holistic approach automatically reports critical KPI’s to everyone from execs to project controls analysts. It’s friendly user interface yields clear visualizations, adding business insight for faster, better-informed decisions with the security, reliability and performance your business demands.

  • Our enterprise-class LoadSpringInsight tool simultaneously gathers information from cost, scheduling and other apps
  • All critical data points are viewable on a single dashboard that saves time and headaches while allowing you to drill down through the red
  • Our CIO dashboard reports on performance, uptime and security analysis, while our application and support dashboard let you evaluate both adoption and usage while supporting analytics
  • Get instant cost assessments, performance measurements, software usage reports and other insights that keep teams focused
  • Meet and exceed even your most ambitious business goals FASTER

2. Enhanced business agility

Keeping pace is not an option. Depending on outdated legacy IT systems will not propel you to the top or enable innovation that improves ROI. But change is also happening faster and faster in your workforce, the business environment, and regulations. Legacy IT systems are often both slow, requiring significant resources and can be siloed. They make it difficult for employees and project and engineering teams to work together and get things done. Cloud systems were designed from the outset to be easy to adjust and grow, as well as enabling communication and collaboration.

How we can help:

  • Empowering innovation for our customers is our top priority. We offer tailored cloud solutions to meet the needs of every team.
  • LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM is a centralized, flexible, and scalable platform offering application access and high performance to provide integrated solutions and data warehousing for global project teams
  • LOADSPRING customization gives you cloud access for your best-of-breed apps and lets you control everything from scheduling and estimating to contracting, CAD/BIM, geospatial and facility management across the entire project lifecycle
  • LOADSPRING acts as a trusted Sherpa to guide your digital transformation journey to the next level in cloud maturity

3. Higher profitability

Most stakeholders would agree that enterprises have a duty to make profits. By using digital transformation to streamline business operations, projects can be delivered to schedule, scope, and budget. When more projects are completed more efficiently, both revenues and margins go up. Meanwhile, capital and operating expenses can come down. Unlike legacy systems with their overheads and inefficiencies, the right cloud partner can design your ideal cloud maturity plan, app by app, no matter what your tech platform.

LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM lightens your IT and Admin load, and streamlines your whole operation, helping to lower your total cost of ownership for IT assets and operating costs. Plus, you recoup big chunks of time, so you are free to innovate.

How we can help:

  • We orchestrate your digital transition 100% from our end, from hosting your best-of-breed project apps to creating your integrated Cloud infrastructure and data warehouse platform.
  • Our fast deployment and implementation improve software time-to-value
  • We provide global app support for maximum system availability and productivity. We’re your single source for all your apps, infrastructure and more
  • We make the most efficient use of your software by enabling intelligent reuse of app licenses instead of buying new ones
  • Empowering your data-based decisions lets you optimize strategies and processes for better results and ROI

Your ideal cloud partner shouldn’t be just a hosting provider, but an expert at digital transformation. Look for someone that understands both the technical and business needs of your capital project world. Faster paced, forward-looking decisions, increased business agility, and higher profitability are also the cornerstones of sustainable success for your enterprise.

Find out today how LOADSPRING can help you and your enterprise achieve all three of these key benefits.

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