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5 Cloud Strategies You Can Take from the Queen’s Gambit

Have you seen “The Queen’s Gambit,” a popular Netflix miniseries about a chess prodigy named Beth Harmon? Naturally, chess and strategy are central parts of the story as Beth learns how to play the game as a child at an orphanage and evolves to a world-championship level. So too are the challenges, endeavors, and achievements along the way.

These themes from “The Queen’s Gambit” can also give us insights into selecting and using cloud computing solutions for business. We have picked five insights that offer far-reaching benefits while being simple to apply.

1. Play your own line

SHOW QUOTE: “Never play to your opponent – play your own line.”

Other people’s decisions, whether in chess or for the cloud, may illuminate or inspire. However, copying or reacting to them move for move can be a disaster. Your business differs from that of your competitors. Even if your business goals are the same, your situation, your projects, and therefore your strategy are not. The way you use the cloud must fit your business requirements, instead of being a pale imitation of somebody else’s implementation. Accordingly, LoadSpring focuses not just on providing an integrated cloud platform with technical cloud excellence but also on understanding your specific business and objectives.

2. Make best use of different pieces

SHOW QUOTE: “The one thing we know about Elizabeth Harmon, is that she loves to win.”

Winning in chess comes from the good use of the different pieces. Want to shift power around the board in a flash? Use your queen. Want to jump over obstacles? Use your knights. So, why do some enterprises still think of cloud computing as a game of checkers rather than chess? You can do a lot better than just plain-vanilla data storage, and cloud-hosted software. LoadSpring managed services, integrated cloud applications, performance optimization, and business and project intelligence are just a few possibilities, with our LoadSpring Cloud Sherpas on hand to help you achieve ever higher levels of cloud maturity and success.

3. Central control

SHOW QUOTE: “It’s your game. Take it.”

No matter how your chess pieces are spread around the board, control of the center is of key strategic importance. Similarly, your distributed cloud computing needs centralized, unified management for overall data integrity, orchestrated software rollouts, global cloud security standards, and consistent reporting for all your users, wherever they are located. LoadSpring Cloud Platform offers these advantages, helping you to boost project management efficiency for your management and your teams.

4. Track and plan when you can, improvise when you must

SHOW QUOTE: “I analyze games. What actually happened, not what could have happened.”

Better chess players know which moves work. They also see further ahead. Smarter cloud users do the same. For example, with LoadSpringInsight you can see data from your different cloud-hosted software applications in one dashboard for the big picture of project performance with full drill-down capability. For the unexpected, you can rely on LoadSpring Unified Global Support for a response within 15 to 30 minutes in most cases, with complete coverage 24/7/365, as well as our cloud-native data backup and disaster recovery services.

5. Get more for less

SHOW QUOTE: “This is all mine? The whole room?”

Cloud computing is often constrained by time and budget. We help you accelerate your project life cycles and digital transformation plans through faster new app acquisition, rapid deployment, and online cloud support and training for speedier, more effective adoption of applications by your users. With the integrated cloud platform from LoadSpring, you can also reduce costs across the board, from the redeployment of existing software licenses instead of purchasing new ones, to global cloud economies of scale. So much more cloud, for so much less.


SHOW QUOTE: “Do you see it now? Or should we finish it on the board?”

And as Beth says in “The Queen’s Gambit,” “Let’s play.”

We may not be chess strategists, but we have the expertise to help you empower innovation and increase your return on investment. We will guide you every step of the way. We take the time to do an application rationalization, build a secure and fully supported ecosystem, and ensure your apps deploy fast and to the right teams. Call +1 978.685.9715 / + 44.800.088.5889 and get started today.

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