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One Cloud Platform. Infinite Business Solutions.

What does your business need from the cloud vendors it selects? The obvious answer is access. But if you stop there, you could be missing out on other key aspects, like:

  1. Expert support to help users and admin teams keep focused on projects
  2. Cyber security to protect your sensitive data.
  3. User education online, anytime to boost your business agility.
  4. Faster app performance for accelerated user productivity.
  5. Team communication and collaboration to make every project delivery a success and keep clients coming back for more.

All these items differentiate LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM above all cloud providers and from URL access to web apps. To see what makes LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM better, try asking the following key questions.

  1. How can your users and admins get the infrastructure and software support they need to do their jobs?

    Apps need to work, be available, and play nice with other apps if your business is to see the benefit. Troubleshooting issues is the headache that no one has time for. IT teams can spend loads of valuable time scrambling to find out where the problem is. Website down? Server down? Is it a software upgrade issue? Just to name a few reasons productivity has come to a grinding halt.

    LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM puts support at your service, not the other way around. Users can quickly enter any support request online and get a response from our team 24/7/365 within 15 minutes. We also preemptively service thousands of software users in our customer base. When we find a problem, we fix it across all customers, solving problems before your team even sees them. In addition, admins can view a series of support reports to see what cases are still open and understand key usage trends and adoption by application. LOADSPRING experts are always on-hand to help your applications and users work well together and ensure maximum uptime.

  2. What access protection is available for your apps to keep hackers out?

    Cyber security can vary widely when you use URL access to applications and even with the contract type you commit too with generic, big-box cloud providers. Too often, security turns out to be an unhappy compromise that hinders user productivity and still leaves holes. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM wraps impenetrable layers of tough security around your apps and data with many options available for authentication to meet all business needs:
    • Multi-factor authentication
    • Single or Mixed Authentication modes
    • IP Restriction
    • Federated Identity Management
    • Single Sign-On

    Applications accessed through LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM are not exposed directly to the internet, thus mitigating application security vulnerabilities.

  3. How effectively can you track software license usage and spending?

    Let’s face it. Your business is paying for licenses that nobody is using or even worse when a project is done, computers are turned back to default and those licenses are now gone. It’s difficult enough to track usage and spending for one app let alone the hundreds or thousands with the variety of apps that most project intensive companies need – it quickly becomes impossible. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM offers you smarter capabilities to save money and stay compliant, including:
    • Time-phased visibility into application usage compared to license capacity with dynamic charting analysis.
    • GlobalView reporting to track where users are connecting from.
    • Regional license compliance visibility.

    This allows you to maximize your application investment by easily reallocating licenses from non-users to new users, and possibly reduce application maintenance spend.

  4. How easily can users get help on how to use apps to optimize project performance and results?

    End-user help when using direct URL access is generic, leaving users to make the connection between what software does and how it can meet project-based needs. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM offers additional training through LOADSPRING Academy to educate your user community with videos and application usage process and guidance. Your team can also upload custom made videos and quizzes to improve training access.

  5. Where can your users get good information rapidly on events in projects or maintenance planning information?

    Direct URL access to an application typically keeps software in a silo and users in the dark. Again, our head spins when we think of all the clouds, on-prem, and direct access apps you must try to manage within myriad maintenance windows. With most vendors you have no control when maintenance windows will occur. What if that happens at a critical time for your estimators or projects? It does not provide the bigger picture of the projects that the apps should be serving. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM breaks down the silos and moves users into the light with capabilities to:
    • View critical projects and organizational events
    • Keep your user community informed on project happenings or organizational news.
    • Leverage MySocial to communicate live with your application user community.
    • Schedule software upgrades and maintenance when it suits you around critical dates not imposed on you arbitrarily.

Bottom Line

Generic cloud providers or basic access via a direct URL per app may be how some businesses still work, but LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM offers a lot more. Through support, security, education, and communication and collaboration, as well as functionality, LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM helps you to drive your project business more effectively, keeping your users more productive and better aligned for to satisfy your customers and meet your business needs.

Contact us today to find out more. all us at +1 978.685.9715 or send us your questions here.

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