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Advanced Performance Management from LoadSpring

Advanced Performance Management

LoadSpring Advanced Performance Management

In project management, many moving parts must work together, fast. Your project management software is a major part of making that happen. By attaining the performance that you and your teams need, your estimating, scheduling, contract management, and other project applications can give your project company wings. Once your apps stop getting in the way of success and start propelling your users to ever greater achievements, the results can be breathtaking. But it doesn’t stop there. Project app performance must also keep pace with your company as it grows, across borders, into new markets, and towards bigger opportunities. The cloud can be a great platform for adapting to each change in requirements dependably and cost-effectively if you know what you’re doing. Alternatively, bring in a service provider like LoadSpring with a solid track record of success in optimizing project software performance in the cloud for enterprises like yours.

App performance for your users and your bottom line

To unleash the full power of the cloud for you and raise the bar in project app performance across your entire enterprise, LoadSpring has created Advanced Performance Management or APM for short. APM is an active solution, not a passive one. With our own extensive project management experience, we know that each project and application is different. So, “set it and forget it” is not an option here. It takes continual scrutiny, tuning, tweaking, and optimization to ensure your cloud hosting infrastructure is aligned at every instant to give you the best results. Proactive tuning and monitoring of your existing applications, their databases, and environments are a key part of Advanced Performance Management. Project management software may be server intensive, but users and teams still expect fast response times and processing. We make it a priority to baseline and monitor performance from the user perspective, tuning the LoadSpring infrastructure to meet the performance benchmarks that are established. APM also helps ensure that your users can continue to do their work as the size and number of databases, schedules, and projects increase within your environment. This will also be a critical need when your enterprise consolidates multiple databases in cases like strategic program optimization, partnerships, and company acquisitions.

Every day, in every way, getting better and better

With ongoing performance management essential to the success of any enterprise deployment of project and/or program management software in the cloud, LoadSpring Advanced Performance Management provides:

  • A dedicated team of performance specialists to evaluate and report on all aspects affecting performance from the use of the software, your internal processes, and critical cloud infrastructure
  • Automated performance testing of up to 15 business-critical application functions to be run daily before business operations begin, with alerts to LoadSpring performance specialists if any targets fall below normal expectations.
  • Additional tests at least at one other time during estimated peak usage times (but only with your approval – we certainly wouldn’t want to upset any of your strategic business activities)
  • Up to 40 hours per month of software process review and performance evaluation across 2 major program sets
  • Weekly conference calls with you and our customer performance council
  • Weekly reports with proactive recommendations on key performance indicators within your project databases
  • Advanced availability to the newest performance enhancing infrastructure
  • A Performance Manager to coordinate any unexpected performance issues that arise during the contract period.

Show me the numbers!

We guarantee that LoadSpring Advanced Performance Management will bring you improvement. Better still, we put hard numbers on the results for you in server-level performance enhancement:

  • A 15% or better performance improvement across key production business unit databases within 3 months of you starting the Advanced Performance Management program
  • Further overall performance enhancement or recommendations across these same key production business units by an additional 10% or better at peak usage hours for the following quarter, then 10% more (or better) for the quarter after that
  • Overall performance objective to improve performance for you by a minimum of 5% per month at peak usage times during a 24-hour period for the remaining months of your contract.

While we’re making these improvements for you, we’ll continue to provide you with proactive long-term performance alerts for critical data growth metrics such as database size, activities per project, user-defined functions (UDFs), and resource utilization. And all this while taking necessary infrastructure and notification actions to maintain consistent performance metrics for you from the start of your contract to the finish. Who else but LoadSpring with Advanced Performance Management could show you so much performance love – and quantify it for you into the bargain! You can get these performance benefits for your project management applications today. Contact us now! Call +1 978.685.9715 or email information@loadspring.com.

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