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BIM in the Cloud Eclipses Costly Servers & Work Stations

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Building Information Modeling, commonly known as BIM, is taking the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry by storm by providing the ability to visualize both physical and functional characteristics of projects through a complex digital representation. Furthermore, BIM software is particularly impactful to the AEC industry as it a highly intelligent technology that allows for the extraction and exchange of accurate, vital model information pertaining to complex infrastructure projects to be communicated to multiple entities. This ultimately means that project teams have access to high levels of data in a model thus ensuring everyone is on the same page allowing for optimized decision making, all the way from model conception to completion.

While we all are seeing the benefit and growth of BIM solutions across the Global AEC market, the challenge of costly servers, work stations and lack of interoperability between systems has overshadowed true BIM benefits through lengthy and partial deployments.   LoadSpring™, the World’s Leading Project Cloud provider, has removed these challenges while expediting deployment or “time to value” across the entire network of participants regardless of their location or device. Through LoadSpring, BIM applications are deployed via the cloud in days while rendering graphics 20-30% faster than other deployment options. The LoadSpring Cloud Platform leverages leading cloud technologies and strategies to create a customized solution for all participants (Owner, EPC, CG and Subs). In keeping with our technology governance position, below are the 6 common questions and answers to consider when transitioning BIM solutions to the Cloud.

1. Why should organizations host applications in the cloud vs buying the vendor’s SaaS offerings?

Very few of the vendors in the BIM space offer a complete SaaS offering. Some have migrated their lighter collaboration modules to SaaS, but the complex graphically and logarithmically intense applications are still primarily client server or work station applications.  Another reason project intensive organizations are hesitant to move to SaaS based applications is the risk associated with vendor mandatory software upgrades that could affect reporting, integration and performance. Projects are preeminent and operate as small businesses within a larger entity, so the project team needs the flexibility to decide when and how their applications are implemented, upgraded, and supported. The SaaS model does not provide this flexibility making the project secondary and increasing risk. Finally, given that companies have already invested in software licenses, why not enhance delivery, usability and integration via the cloud versus spending precious time and resources on additional training, integration, customizations, etc.?

2. Which BIM Applications can be hosted in the Cloud?  

Best-in-class Cloud platforms must be application agnostic, so you should expect the ability to host many different project specialized applications on one Unified Cloud Platform. Leadership in the Cloud Project Management space is established by the ability to Cloud enable technically challenging applications. A few of the many BIM software organizations that LoadSpring has experience hosting are AutoDesk, Bentley, Hexagon, InEight, Vico, RIB, and Synchro.

3. How can we ensure performance for graphically intense applications? 

To deliver on the Service Level Agreement (SLA) performance guarantees, LoadSpring will work with the customer to identify and test specific parameters prior to deployment in order to ensure a workable model is established for all parties. We risk-adjust the environment and model through internal review and use-case testing. Customers should ensure their requirements are clearly stated in the SLA and track them in their project Cloud Platform.

4. How do you assess current and desired state of applications?  

Organizations should treat assessments and version upgrades as “change management” projects while finding a cloud partner who is experienced and mitigates all potential risks to ensure customer success. We recognize your commitment, investment and desire to improve systems and processes and will learn your product ecosystem, integration requirements, user profiles, locations and expectations regarding how the applications will be accessed and used. Once we understand these points, we’ll model your desired state in a test environment to validate your use-cases and performance parameters before transitioning to a production environment.

5. How do we know our data is secure and backed-up? 

Select a cloud partner whose security protocol is industry leading. LoadSpring leverages a multi-phased approach through people, processes, technology and authentication via our LoadSpring Cloud Platform to ensure security. Since 1999 our security has never been breached, while we also make your data fully recoverable even in the event of a full data center outage.

6. How do you manage integrations? 

As discussed earlier, when assessing your current and desired state of applications an organization should also review integration requirements to automate reporting. To this end, your standard should require flexible integration with SaaS, On-Premise and other cloud offerings via web services, APIs and direct data calls. In short, your cloud solution should simplify your reporting cycles and data sharing between applications by maximizing the interoperability between applications irrespective of deployment model.

LoadSpring understands the obstacles in transitioning complex BIM applications to the Cloud, but the benefits of partnering with LoadSpring don’t end there. LoadSpring is the expert in hosting, supporting, and integrating all your project management applications, whether they are BIM, Estimating, BI, Scheduling, etc. making it our mission to build and support your perfect Project Management Cloud from project beginning to completion.

Stay ahead of the pack and have LoadSpring help you create your perfect Project Management Cloud today!

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