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How To Build Your Cloud Project Management Solution Map

There’s nothing quite like the magic of adding 2 plus 2 and getting 5. Of course, we mean that in the sense of added value, not erroneous conclusions. But when you can assemble components and build something that gives you more business benefit than just the sum of the parts, you know you’re onto a good thing. That’s the thinking behind the solution map that LoadSpring™ created after years of experience perfecting cloud project management solutions. Sure, anyone can grab an app here, a platform there, and stick them together. The question is, what do you really get out of all that?

Computers add value because vendors have figured out how to combine processors, memory chips, circuitry, and interfaces, so that you have something that helps run your business better, rather than a “lump” of diodes, wires, and bits of silicon. Likewise, a good project management app for scheduling, say, helps you run projects better and build customer satisfaction (and your bottom line). Such an app has business logic, flow, meaning, ease of use, and the ability to make your enterprise even more successful. So it is with LoadSpring’s cloud PM solution map, where our strategic software category selection and our secret sauce come together for your greater good.

After 17 years of experience helping project management teams and executives deliver successful projects, we’ve seen that an application solution map provides teams with a complete set of resources that enables them to work and make decisions with complete sets of data. There are 7 categories of software we recommend using:

  1. Estimating
  2. Project Management
  3. CAD/BIM
  4. Cost/Document Management
  5. ERP
  6. GeoSpatial
  7. Business Intelligence (BI)

Here is a visual of our Solution Map, with popular applications used in each category. The beauty of LoadSpring is that we have experience hosting over 200 project management applications, so we can host the applications that work best for you. Simply choose one application per category (LoadSpring can advise you, according to your requirements), and you’ll have your solution map that’ll considerably improve your project results.

Solution Map

Does that mean that these sophisticated systems will all work together properly? After all, outputs from one don’t always look like the inputs needed for another, user interfaces may change, and hosting requirements can also vary. Luckily, LoadSpring not only hosts your preferred PM software, but also supports those applications, their integrations, and infrastructure. What then of our claim to make your LoadSpring solutions map bigger than the sum of its parts? It’s simple:

  • LoadSpring is the only company that truly understands and creates custom cloud project management solutions that have proven to improve your project performance.
  • LoadSpring hosts and supports ALL the applications you decide to use to create your own personalized solution map.
  • LoadSpring’s SpringBoard cloud portal not only hosts your applications, but also features LoadSpring Academy with its free preloaded and customizable videos and quizzes for your users to train on your new apps and increase adoption rates, while minimizing shelf-ware.
  • LoadSpring’s legendary support and integration services also help you to get the most out of your solutions map and applications, resolving issues fast and accelerating information flows for efficient, value-added results for your own customers.

Our LoadSpring experts can help design your customized solution map today by discussing your requirements and determining the combination that brings you the most value. Contact us now to find out more!

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