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How Burns & McDonnell Completes Great Projects (Thanks, LoadSpring!)

What’s the connection between the diverse industries served by the Burns & McDonnell Company? Let’s see, there’s aviation, commercial, retail and institutional, construction, environmental, government, military and municipal, manufacturing and industrial, oil and gas, power, transportation, and water. The connection is the project-oriented approach the enterprise takes to turn contracts into value for its customers. Since 1898, the company has been nailing project success and steadily building an impressive roster of references.

Using Talent for Added Value, Not for Chores

Burns & McDonnell does its business in the real world, meeting real world needs. Virtualization has a role, but as an enabler for tangible deliverables and customer satisfaction. As projects and project management have grown more complex, IT has helped the company handle that complexity. But IT is also a means to an end, not an end in itself. There comes a point where even a company as resourceful as Burns & McDonnell has to ask itself – is this really something we still want to do in house?

As a result, Burns & McDonnell looked for an external provider of a full suite of cloud solutions and found – as you already guessed – LoadSpring™, a company dedicated to the greater success of its customers by providing them with the best cloud hosted project management services, bar none.

Win-Win for Burns & McDonnell and Its Clients

The pivotal solution offered by LoadSpring to Burns and McDonnell is the SpringBoard™ cloud portal. SpringBoard centralizes access to all the hosted applications used by Burns & McDonnell. Chris P. O’Grady, Manager of Technology Consulting Services at Burns & McDonnell, says that with SpringBoard “LoadSpring provided us with the services and products that help us make our clients more successful.”

  • Highly secure, SpringBoard gives users single sign-on and the freedom to access any application for which they are authorized. Chris O’Grady comments that “Sometimes programs and systems don’t play well together. SpringBoard lets us communicate easily between many different programs.”
  • The SpringBoardInsight feature enables seamless integration between applications, which helps Burns and McDonnell to flawlessly share data between applications and streamline its processes, improving on previous situations where tools were siloed in local servers.
  • Software ROI increased for Burns and McDonnell, thanks to fast and easy license management and worldwide license tracking via SpringBoard – this enabled management to see which software is being accessed and from which geographic location.
  • The LoadSpring Academy feature in SpringBoard provides software training videos and quizzes, also helping increase software adoption and ROI, while minimizing shelf ware.
  • Legendary customer service and support is available via SpringBoard, as well as phone and email – a huge part of LoadSpring’s value proposition for all its customers. We support all your hosted apps, your integrations, and infrastructure. Just one example from Chris O’Grady: “We experienced a database error that needed to be resolved before we could continue work. Oracle was unable to provide a quick or easy fix. By leveraging our LoadSpring services, we were able to unload and reload the schema overnight and solve the problem!”

Thanks to the market-leading cloud project management solutions from LoadSpring, Burns & McDonnell gets the best of both worlds. The company enjoys the freedom from technical chores to let it continue to innovate in projects across continents, leaving the heavy lifting to LoadSpring. At the same time, the hosted project management solutions it uses let it build in value, respect budgets and specifications, and deliver on time for its clients. Contact us today to find out how LoadSpring can help you move to a new level of projects in your sector too.


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