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Celebrating LoadSpring’s 14th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary LoadSpring!

Today is a special day in the history of LoadSpring. 14 years ago yesterday, I started writing a business plan and identifying first employees for the start of what became known as LoadSpring Solutions, Inc. (This was also the day that I had to figure out how to get Jim on board.) Today is the day that the company we all know and love started, it is also my official start date as an employee of our company, and the day that Jim did say…I’m in! (Tony took a little longer a starting in 2000…but we got him too!) I’ve recently been working with some other companies on new business and what I have learned about LoadSpring from their perspective is quite amazing. Here are the quick facts:

  • LoadSpring is most likely the largest Complex Managed Services Cloud provider in the country based upon consistent and growing revenue size. There simply aren’t any companies doing what we are doing and generating the numbers we are generating.
  • LoadSpring is THE market leader. in the Project Management space.
  • Our technology was vetted by an industry leading CEO and Tech advisor and considered one of the best sets of best practices, equipment and scale he has ever seen.
  • Our brand is recognized around the world.

This isn’t a result of me, this is a result of what we have built together and the team of passionate employees that really care about our customers and our success. I am extremely excited to lead LoadSpring to the next level, to open up the throttles a bit, hire some more talented individuals, and work with some new BIG customers, while growing our existing ones. And, as we are now going through our planning cycles for next year, I am looking forward to another amazing year at LoadSpring…15 years, and excited to start writing the next chapter of our success. So, hold on tight, again, and let’s push hard to continue to be an amazing company. And thank you, each of you, for what you do for this organization. You may not hear it from me day to day, but trust me, I know what you all do for this company, and I am super proud to be part of a team with you!

Eric LeightonPresident,
CEO and Professional Mastermind

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