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CH2M Accelerates Their Projects With LoadSpring™

In project management, people are forever tweaking schedules to see which day can be saved where, without negatively affecting deliverables. Sometimes it’s a matter of doing things differently, sometimes a matter of not doing them at all. And sometimes it’s a matter of having better project management tools and resources in the first place.

CH2M is a leader in different industry sectors with major projects in transport, infrastructure, water and wastewater. The company relies on its project management systems to run critical activities around the world. IT systems help drive schedules, communications, and innovation with new technologies such as building information modeling (BIM). However, poor speed of deployment of those systems was causing follow-on delays in CH2M’s projects. In addition, support was a challenge for certain projects, notably one in Eastern Europe that typically required several hours to resolve one support request.

Things had to change. CH2M needed smarter, faster ways to stand up systems, integrate them in as fast as a week, and reduce delays in implementing suitable system configurations. The answer? LoadSpring of course! With their SpringBoard™ cloud portal offering fast and easy, yet secure hosting of all Project Management applications, and its bevy of expert support engineers, LoadSpring started to compress lead times in project management software support and deployment for CH2M. LoadSpring even came up with the solution not just to reduce but also to eliminate lead time for application configurations.

CH2M’s big gains in acceleration by partnering with LoadSpring were:

  • Time to support reduced. When LoadSpring came on board, support issues with project management software and systems cleared rapidly. LoadSpring engineers hold in-depth knowledge of over 200 project management applications. They are truly experts in PM software. CH2M engineers are experts in transport, infrastructure, and water/wastewater projects. Put the two organizations together and the end-customers see nothing but benefits.
  • Time to configure eliminated. LoadSpring teams don’t just squeeze integration and support times down to the lowest possible. They also constantly think about how to take certain tasks out of the equation altogether. By inventing a “Project in a Box” environment, LoadSpring is now helping CH2M to assemble a collection of ready to use PM application configurations. As a result, all CH2M has to do is to pick the configuration it likes, apply it, and the company’s IT system is up and running for the project in question.
  • Time to value improved. This metric is of vital interest to CH2M’s customers, and therefore also to CH2M. It measures the time needed for a project to pay back its costs and start showing a net positive return on investment for the customer. Speeding up IT system deployment and enhancing support efficiency are both important factors.

Partnering with LoadSpring means CH2M is once again ahead of the curve for its project management systems, as well as innovating with BIM, 4D scheduling, and 5D estimating technologies. What LoadSpring does for CH2M could be what it does for your company too, no matter which sector you work in. Accelerate your own projects too – contact us today!

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