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Out with the Cloud Fog, In with the Blue Sky

Cloud Fog

Your intentions were praiseworthy. Your plan was – apparently – foolproof. Move applications and workloads to the cloud for flexibility, scalability, resilience, and cost-efficiency. Head for the blue skies of virtual computing from reliable providers. Instead of sinking time and effort into traditional IT infrastructure, focus your enterprise on bigger and better projects in AEC, oil & gas, utilities, aeronautics, transport, etc. (tick the boxes that apply).

Then what happened? Cloud services multiplied out of control. Lacking resources and fine-grained expertise, your IT department slipped behind. Cloud-spend mushroomed. Your finance department started wearing its smile upside-down. Clarity, compliance, security requirements, integration needs, and license management control went out of the window. Confusion set in. Now, you no longer know where you are, where you’re going, or how fast you’re moving. Yep, you’re in deep cloud fog.

Make the Cloud Future that Suits You

Statistics suggest that you are not alone. The average enterprise uses 1,427 distinct clouds. The average employee actively uses 36 cloud services. This situation isn’t going away either. In 2018, 33% of apps were accessed via a cloud. By 2020, that figure is forecast to rise to 80%. Along with this evolution come challenges like performance, governance, and security, as well as the compliance, skill set, and cost management issues above.

Let’s figure it out. You want to get back to what you started using the cloud for in the first place – agility, growth, and better budget management. Going from our experience at LOADSPRING in serving other customers, you’ll probably need answers for the following:

  • Simple, effective, ongoing control of your application versions and compliance
  • Transparency and effective management of costs
  • Integration between multiple systems for you and your partners (think of joint ventures)
  • Unified, simplified management of users and assets across cloud services you use
  • Achieving a single version of project truth allowing effective use of business intelligence
  • Automation of repetitive processes across cloud applications and assets
  • Processes, procedures, and tools that work for you, your clients, and your joint ventures, consistently and reliably.

Getting Back into the Light

Here’s how we get the fog to lift and the sun to shine through again with  LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM solution:

  • One cloud platform for all your project management and engineering software needs
  • Clear, trackable business value of this platform to your enterprise
  • Manageability and interoperability across your users and applications, and with other clouds
  • Access to and support from our in-house experts across the portfolio of apps that you choose
  • Speedy implementation of apps and assets without stressing out your IT department
  • Flexibility in the platform to meet your organizational requirements for data storage locations and access
  • Resilience, availability, and performance, with disaster recovery capability tailored to your needs
  • Robust, multi-level security to keep you safe while still letting you work properly
  • Implementation of software upgrades when you decide (we propose, we don’t impose).

No more cloud fog. No more creeping complexity and indecision. LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM is your blue-sky solution, bringing everything back into focus, dispelling disorientation, and replacing it with a clear roadmap to accompany your business wherever it’s headed. So, smile – it’s a beautiful day, once again!

Want more help seeing your way out of cloud fog? Contact us today at 1 978.685.9715, or ask for a demo here. You can also get a free analysis of your best cloud options here. We’ll do all the lifting.

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