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Cloud Innovation and the Quest for Simplicity

Do you remember how the cloud started a few years ago? The concept was deliciously simple: pay-as-you-go access to all the computing power and storage you could want, whenever and wherever. Customers could run riot in sandboxes in the sky, test a hundred new ideas for a hundred bucks (well, almost), and cherry-pick the innovations that would be profitable for them. Building on those formidable sales arguments and fueled by massive end-customer uptake, cloud solution providers innovated too. They added all kinds of new services. With those new services came new processes, aiming to iron out flaws and bugs. But how compatible is the new cloud bureaucracy with useful innovation?

Simplicity for Making the Most of Opportunity

Whatever the internal procedures of the cloud solution provider, the service to the customer has to be simple. It has to be simple to understand, to budget for, and to use. In other words, overall usability is a big factor. Without it, cloud solutions are restricted to use by already IT-proficient organizations. Opportunities for business innovation are then lost because the cloud services are limited to application that improve efficiency, rather than transform operations. For these reasons, practical simplicity that opens doors to innovation is a major feature of the SpringBoard™ Cloud based Project Management portal from LoadSpring™. Secure and intuitive, SpringBoard links users to a multitude of hosted applications to help simplify and optimize project management and more.

It’s Your Choice

Simplicity is also in the eye of the beholder. If you know and love one project management application, it automatically scores higher for you in the simplicity stakes. However, what if somebody else is equally passionate about other project management software? Once again, the LoadSpring solution is simple. Whether your business relies on project software from Oracle or any of a hundred other productivity apps, LoadSpring has the hosting solution. Scheduling, contract management, BIM, estimating, and geospatial applications are just part of the range of solutions supported.

Getting the Job Done Without Getting in the Way

Deployment is simplified too. LoadSpring offers innovation support and consulting services designed to save customers time and money. Buildings, bridges, highways, planes, trains, and anything else companies want to construct need project management software support. However, the software must also do its job and stay out of the way of project execution. With LoadSpring, customers get a head start with fast implementation that suits their specific needs. Pre-configured templates, role-based training and hands-on mentoring are all part of the LoadSpring approach to keep complexity to a minimum and progress to a maximum.

Simplicity as a Starting Point

In turn, that means clear thinking and simplification at LoadSpring too. We learn from each new service implementation and each deployment, but with the goal of streamlining processes to become faster, better, and even more cost-effective. With simplicity and innovation as core values in the way we set out to help our users, we know there is a much better chance that they in turn will be able to leverage our cloud solutions for their own innovation and increase competitiveness.

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