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LoadSpring Expert: CMO – Continuous Innovation

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I decided late last year to remodel my home. Sometimes work and home life cross over; in this case, it is the desire for continuous improvement. The effort was enormously disruptive to my way of life (especially with everyone suddenly working from home due to the pandemic) and, it was a long process. Finally, we completed the project, and I’m thrilled with it. The days of power tools buzzing away in the background of my virtual meetings are over. The investment proved sound, and the contracting experts I partnered with configured the space exactly to fit the need. Now I smile every time I walk through the front door, and I’m using rooms in all-new ways.

During that home remodeling project, our flagship product was also undergoing a remodel. We are currently deploying LoadSpring Cloud PIatform 9.0 to our customer base. I feel great pride in our team for delivering such a high-quality, exceedingly fast, feature-rich update. It was a huge undertaking but one that paid off. Some of the most significant improvements include:

  • Platform speed increases across the board. Our load times went from requiring the dreaded hourglass to nearly instantaneous.
  • Comprehensive user interface improvements. We made powerful user and admin level commands more intuitive and easy to use.
  • We created sophisticated, yet easy-to-read reports improved the support queue, and integrated training.

There are too many improvements to list, and feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.

Sweat the Details Before Starting the Project

LoadSpring is a product-focused organization. So, I couldn’t help drawing some parallels between home remodeling and product launch. All projects, personal or business, have some key similarities: idea, estimating, scheduling, and the final product. What happens between concept and execution can vary wildly. As the homeowners, we had our ideas about using the new space, how it should look, and how it needed to function for us. Planning is a critical step, as our project experts here at LoadSpring and our numerous big project customers know so well. With their years of experience and all the best resources, our expert contractors showed us how things would progress from start to finish. The rewards continue as we live in the new space. LoadSpring similarly delivers project management software to our customers on our cloud platform with finesse and expertise to complete massive projects on time and budget, with real ROI.

There are continuous cooperative interactions between LoadSpring and our clients that are essential to our ability to innovate. As the cloud experts, we have proven plans and new design updates for LoadSpring Cloud Platform; but these require input from our users and our understanding of how they need to use it efficiently and quickly. This feedback coming from our customers becomes incorporated in the updates that go to everyone. Updates like greater visibility for business intelligence reporting, easy file management, and faster load times are just a few examples. A specific use case example is work we’ve done with DASNY, which resulted in updates to LoadSpringMobile, our product that allows users in the field easy and secure access to their project data.

Latest Innovation: LoadSpring ProjectINTEL

The cycle of communication and continuous improvement in partnership with our customers has made us leaders in cloud solutions. The latest mountain our customers unanimously want to climb involves project intelligence (PI). We’ve listened, and our new version of LoadSpring Cloud Platform has paved the way for our latest innovation, LoadSpring ProjectINTEL. We’ve added an integration foundation for project intelligence reporting. This groundwork enables broad analysis, which continuously improves over time as more data is collected. It provides more profound insight into your valuable project cost and risk data, utilizing custom PI indicators designed to increase project success and margins.

By leveraging our project intelligence product, our customers can look forward to making better-informed decisions around complex problems, mitigate risk, and improve margins. Our innovation continues in step with the incredible advancements in AI and upcoming technologies.

Strong Strategic Partnerships: Google and SADA

We’ve strategically partnered with Google Cloud and SADA to move ahead with our project intelligence initiatives. SADA’s delivery expertise and Google Cloud infrastructure, solutions, and analytics capabilities combined with LoadSpring’s ability to deliver hosted software solutions and project intelligence globally positively impact the way customers realize project success.

MarketPlace for Simplified Application Selection & Delivery

LoadSpring will open the doors to LoadSpring MarketPlace coming soon. This online marketplace streamlines your software sourcing experience by putting everything in one location. It allows for comparison shopping, easy cart-based checkouts, and for your teams to get going quickly. Research, buy, deploy. It’s going to be that easy, and we’re excited to roll it out to you. Follow us on LinkedIn for timely updates!

Always Looking Ahead

We’re delighted to bring you better products, streamlined service, exciting technology, and enabling you and your teams to work more efficiently. 2021 is coming back strong, and it’s an exciting time to be in the cloud. Ideas that were only concepts are now a reality driven by advances from innovation leaders like LoadSpring. There’s no debate that innovations continue to play a significant role in how enterprises compete. Don’t be satisfied with the same old model. Contact us to unleash the potential.

Stacey Witt

CMO, LoadSpring Solutions, Inc.

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