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What Do Customers Need Today?

EXTRA! EXTRA! Fast and Easy Cloud Project Solutions NOW!

How would you like to have the cloud project management and controls solutions you need in place today – within minutes of you giving the go-ahead to a cloud partner to take your IT headaches away and bring you the right solution? You may be currently thinking about moving your projects to the cloud. You may already use cloud resources today, but are looking for something better – a full solution. Either way, it’s likely that you have a checklist in mind of what you’d like an ideal cloud partner to do for you.

Even before talking about project management/controls apps and environments, you’ll expect access to cloud infrastructure that offers high speed connectivity and processing, reliability, security, and flexibility. But these are table stakes. It’s the next part of your wish list that separates the cloud partner leaders from the also-rans. After all, it’s your business riding on your cloud project management, so it wouldn’t be overly demanding to ask for:

  • Rapid cloud deployment of the project management apps of your choice from project applications to BIM and then to project intelligence
  • In-depth knowledge of all the project management apps you have chosen, not just its infrastructure
  • Efficient integration capabilities to make your new cloud project management environment work with other systems vital to your corporate well-being
  • One-stop support if your project management apps don’t do exactly (and we mean exactly) what you need them to do.

In fact, when you get right down to it, what you really want for your cloud project management software is a cloud partner that also:

  • Puts cloud project management, controls and intelligence at your fingertips
  • Steps in to do the heavy lifting to free up your own IT staff from app installs, configurations, maintenance, patching, upgrades, issue resolution, data management, and reporting
  • Supports all your users and all your apps along with the infrastructure
  • Trains and tests your users on-demand, anywhere and at any time
  • Offers scalable solutions to meet ever-growing business requirements
  • Understands that even a delay of one day can hurt a project and keeps such delays out of the way

There. That’s not too much to ask for, is it? And it’s what you get from LoadSpring™ as your cloud partner. The unique project management and controls app expertise of our teams, our technology, and our extensive cloud infrastructure resources, including our industry-leading LoadSpring Platform, do all of the above – and even more. Because as your number one cloud project management partner, we don’t just support your infrastructure. We give you the power to control that infrastructure simply and easily. Whatever hoops you want your cloud software, data, reporting, training and more to jump through, tell us. It’s that simple.

So with this complete checklist in hand, we think it’s likely you’ll end up with a short list of just one potential cloud partner that can meet all these requirements for you, cost-effectively and right now. With LoadSpring as your cloud partner, you’ll experience trouble-free, turn-key cloud project management operations that leave you free to concentrate on your core business and your value to your own customers.

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