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Empower Your Business with Data Lakes in the Cloud


Data Lakes Everywhere, Including the Cloud

The IT landscape is littered with acronyms and analogies, some of them seemingly nonsensical. We’ve heard a lot about data lakes, but what are they?

What Is a Data Lake?

It’s easier to visualize data if we associate it with a known structure. Imagine data as a stream:  loosely organized and flowing constantly. When water (data) collects, it takes shape into something calmer and more structured. These data structures are what we call data lakes and data ponds.

A data lake is a consolidated storage area that holds your data at any scale. The way that it is stored allows for data analysis and utilization of machine learning algorithms. In other words, you can accumulate, make use of, and learn from whatever data your company creates. Storing this data in the cloud provides security, performance, cost-effectiveness, and scalability that is nearly impossible to match otherwise.

This level of organization is the better way to outperform your peers and generate substantial business value from your data. If your data lake is in the cloud, you’ve outpaced the competition, and set you and your business up for continued success.

For Leaders Only!

Get an in-depth understanding of data lakes in this white paper. Leaders that draw on these resources will be able to identify and act on opportunities uncovered by real-time analytics and can make better, informed decisions for faster business growth and boost productivity.

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Cloud-based data lakes and ponds are the most innovative way to access, visualize, and analyze big data, anytime and anywhere.  LoadSpring’s experience and expertise can help put you in the analytics driver’s seat.

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