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Do it yourself or call in the pros? The top 3 questions to ask for the cloud expertise you need.

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Today, cloud services are often as fundamental for businesses as power or water. Cloud usage continues to climb, driven both by the opportunities it unlocks and the need to improve remote working in this time of COVID-19. Reports show that 40% of companies have accelerated their move to the cloud because of the coronavirus pandemic.1 In the construction and real estate sector specifically, cloud usage has spiked by 63%.2

Cloud services that help enterprises keep their employees safe while doing better business already score points. But enterprises must also have the skills to maximize the results and ensure security. Cloud technology is constantly evolving. As cloud traffic has doubled across vertical industry sectors, external attacks have increased by as much as a massive 630%.3

Yesterday’s skills fall short of today’s objectives. Cloud expertise must be kept up-to-date and aligned with business requirements, but how? Should you do it yourself? Should you call in professionals?

Here are 3 key questions to answer for getting the cloud expertise you need, the way you need it.

Question 1: What flexibility is there in your cloud expert hiring?

For cloud resources like computers and storage, you pay for what you use. Hiring experts to manage your cloud assets and services might not be so flexible. Worse, enterprises rushing to hire cloud computing professionals may overestimate the number required. Down the line, how many cloud experts will they still need?

Yet consuming cloud expertise can be as elastic as other cloud resources. As an extension of your in-house IT team, LoadSpring can offer you as little or as much expert support as you need, with their experience integrating over 200 applications. Better still, LoadSpring experts are available across the spectrum of cloud skills from cloud business analysts to technical specialists.

Question 2: How will you deal with changing cloud technology?

Enterprises have often mixed and matched AWS, Azure, Google, or other SaaS resources, trying to optimize a solution to their requirements. However, multi-cloud means reskilling IT teams. In turn, productivity goes down, and costs go up, as employees grapple with new issues and complexities.

At LoadSpring, our experts understand your goals, have solid track records in meeting user and admin needs, and are always up to date with the latest cloud technologies and interworking. They can help your organization innovate and improve cost-effectively, even beyond your expectations.

Question 3:  Who can best accomplish your specific cloud projects?

Specific means specialized. Hiring a salaried specialist for a specific project is a gamble. Much like IT servers that are over-provisioned and under-utilized in an on-premises data center, permanent-hire specialists may end up underworked and overly expensive.

With LoadSpring, you can benefit from cloud economies of scale not only in cloud services and resources but also in specialist know-how. With extensive experience, advanced qualifications, and in-depth cloud knowledge and competences, LoadSpring experts can step in to help with specific projects as and when you need them. By adopting LoadSpring cloud BI tools, your team can increase powerful analysis with colossal amounts of data, scaling as needs require to supercharge your ROI.

LoadSpring brings you so much more

LoadSpring Cloud Platform is not just a hosting service for complex project tools and built-in BI. You can get cloud expertise and top-notch support right now, ready to serve you from the get-go, and in tune with different industries. No, you’re not dreaming (feel free to pinch yourself). Our cloud professionals already work with enterprises like yours for innovation and results in AEC, energy, manufacturing, aerospace, finance, healthcare, life sciences, and transport, as well as major cities and states.

Our Unified Global Support covers all software issues, without exception. You can rely on our real, live support experts via our LoadSpring Cloud Platform or use our automated SmartSupport system, at your preference, and with full security. Our support response is within 15 to 30 minutes in most cases, with complete coverage 24/7/365.

Want to know more about getting the cloud expertise you need, the way you need it? Contact us at LoadSpring.com today! Or call +1 978.685.9715 (US) or +44 800 088 5889 (UK).


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