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LoadSpring Solutions is the market leader for providing Project Management solutions from software selection and hosting to mobile project development. With our superior products and services, our clients are given the best tools and support to rapidly execute their Project Management IT projects and start turning profits faster than imaginable. Our latest product is SpringBoard 6.0, an advanced Web portal that allows users to share software, data, and ideas from any computer in the world with the click of a button. SpringBoard operates on a cloud infrastructure, which means it is portable, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere in the world.

The benefits of using SpringBoard are vast, and benefits of the system are apparent from the get-go. When first signing on, users will notice that access to the online platform is through an encrypted, secure connection that guarantees protection to all of your project control systems and applications. Additionally, SpringBoard comes with a top-level disaster recovery system ensures that all data stored is never lost. As users log-on to SpringBoard, they will note the system’s incorporation of location-awareness technology, ensuring that users around the world receive the same features and services. SpringBoard offers a “what you see is what you need” type of system customization that allows the system administrator to limit access to applications based on users’ needs and credentials.

On the SpringBoard dashboard, users will note a section on the left-hand column that monitors the performance of the system and its applications, as well as available Internet connection strength. This helps users stay aware of any potential performance issues. IT professionals will love the ability to use SpringBoard to deploy software in a matter of days, not weeks or months. Additionally, they will benefit from SpringBoard’s fast and comprehensive upgrade system that ensures all version changes happen simultaneously across the organization. SpringBoard also allows users to run reports to see how many applications and licenses are being used to help track efficiency. For non-technical professionals, SpringBoard offers a very intuitive user interface that requires no IT skills to operate. Additionally, LoadSpring Academy offers efficient, effective training in the form of a series of 15-minute training videos that help access and roll out new applications.

Using SpringBoard will help project management professionals execute a complex, robust, sophisticated system controls environment that works. Have you tried LoadSpring’s SpringBoard yet? Watch LoadSpring CEO Eric Leighton’s demonstration of SpringBoard here, and ask us for details on how to get started!


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