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A Project Management Health Check to Bring Enterprise Wellness

Been to see the doctor recently? The usual takeaway is a prescription that aims to get your health back to “normal” – or perhaps a report saying why it’s not. This is no big surprise because: A. that’s how physicians have been trained; and B. that’s what we’ve come to expect. Any health “upside” is only relative. The priority is on fixing any “downside”, which is surely a worthy goal, but only half the story.

The Wellness Perspective

Now switch contexts to wellness, a whole sector that has grown considerably over recent years. Consider this definition: “a state of optimal well-being that is oriented toward maximizing potential”. Hmm – there’s more than just a hint of upside there.

Similarly, enterprise wellness is what a project management health check should be contributing to. Yes, any problems should be flagged, but so should opportunities for improvement, especially as enterprises (unlike human beings) allow for improvement to be multiplied and replicated from one area to another.

Project Management Progress as well as Problem-Solving

That’s the thinking behind the LoadSpring’s PM HealthCheck. LoadSpring specialists don’t arrive in your company’s reception area just because you might have a problem. They come because you’re making a smart investment with a return in the form of a clear report and recommendations for enhancing project management in your organization.

Asking the Right Questions

In order to bring you this return, LoadSpring’s PM HealthCheck includes a three day discovery session at your site, where questions like these are tackled:

  • What is your organization’s business case for PM solutions and do you have the right solutions in place to meet this need?
  • How do you integrate your PM solutions with other ERP applications to provide a single solution for your organization?
  • Are your PM solutions properly configured and implemented to support your business processes?
  • Do you need to develop or refine existing business processes around your PM solutions to ensure maximum efficiency?
  • Is your licensing structure optimized with respect to the number of and types of users of your PM solutions?

Finding the Right Answers

The answers are identified and discussed with a LoadSpring PM Practitioner who also involves LoadSpring technology specialists remotely on an as-needed basis to provide their expertise on matters like licensing, integration, migration and upgrades. Overall, the PM HealthCheck lasts for a total of two weeks, which allows for a summary report and recommendations to be documented and presented to you quickly. You choose how you want to continue afterwards; one possibility of course is to use further LoadSpring services for additional business benefit.

So if “Health check” on its own doesn’t convey the extent of the activities to help you maximize your PM potential, would “Project Management Wellness Multiplier” be more appropriate? Whatever the case, the crucial thing is the return on investment you should get for using a service designed to point you clearly in the direction of available upside, as well as telling you how to avoid downside.


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