Webinar: Latest Cloud Project Management trends

Oct 18 , 2017 - Webinar by LoadSpring

Webinars in Cloud Project Management

Join LoadSpring on Wednesday, October 18th webinar 12pm – 1pm EST for our webinar, “Latest Cloud Project Management trends”.

Project Management in the Cloud is no longer just a buzz phrase, but a necessity that will make or break your projects. Join Jim Smith, LoadSpring Co-Founder and EVP Cloud Solutions, as he discloses key cloud trends for Project based organizations:

  • Trend 1: Adopting a Cloud-first strategy to optimize the access and use of best-of-breed applications is critical, yet difficult. Learn how to make it easy.
  • Trend 2: Your Business Units need to adopt new apps and technologies today and start up new project immediately. Learn how to be flexible and agile in order to quickly meet their needs.
  • Trend 3: Project Partnerships and Joint Ventures can put a dent into your Cloud system security if you don’t have a strong Identity Management/Federated Services strategy. Learn how to keep your Cloud systems secure for both employees and partners while also improving adoption and ease of access.
  • Trend 4: Project teams like yours need their applications to integrate seamlessly with one another. Learn how to achieve a flawless integration between your apps whether hosted on premise or in different clouds.
  • Trend 5: Your project teams need real-time project intelligence across multiple apps in order to make accurate decisions fast, while your executive teams needs different, portfolio based reporting. Learn how to easily provide all your teams with the custom info they need.

This webinar has now ended. To access a recording of the webinar, click here. 

Date: October 18th , 2017

Time: 12pm EST/9am PST

Venue Details: Online Webinar

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