Secure Future Funding for Your Community – Benchmark & LoadSpring Webinar

An opportunity you have right now is to stimulate your local economy by securing eligible funding to further service your community. An effective application is achieved by developing a comprehensive, complete and accurate submission. A key to securing your success is knowing how to optimise and take full advantage of your estimating system. 

We’ve partnered with Benchmark Estimating Software to give you an understanding of the opportunities they have available to you that will increase your productivity, effectiveness and overall ability to manage and reduce costs, optimise your resources and ensure your community gets the best value for their investment.

With over 75 years of experience, watch on-demand as our panel Robert MacDonald (CEO, Benchmark), LoadSpring and Bevis Pyle (Client Services Manager, Benchmark) discuss how to Secure Future Funding for Your Community.

Our Speakers will give insights into:

  • How optimising and getting maximum value from Benchmark’s application will make the difference by improving accuracy, consistency and best practice when estimating on projects
  • Understand and gain full visibility of your contractor’s bids and estimates with audit capability
  • How Benchmark Cloud increases productivity across your organisation in a secure and fully accessible environment
  • Real world examples of how councils can achieve accuracy in the budgeting and evaluation process

This webinar has passed but click here to watch the on-demand version to learn how your organization can secure funding for your community.

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On-Demand Webinar

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