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LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM version 8.0.8 is coming soon!

This exciting new release will be adding substantial benefits including some noteworthy security improvements, headache-reducing bug fixes, and new features for our internal support teams to enable us to provide you with even better legendary customer support. Want to know more? We thought you’d never ask!

Here are just some of the new performance boosting features:

  • Improvements to the P6 provisioning tool
  • P6 auto-archive enhancements to enable larger projects with more data to be auto – archived and it will work with the newest version of P6 – (applause inserted here)
  • Log in will support using either a username or email address to make it even easier for you
  • A Forgot Password link will provide an option for you to directly notify Company Admins via email for password assistance.

On the Reporting side of things:

  • We’re updating the accuracy of GlobalView location reporting.
    The Your Support report will include multiple new sub-reports for more analysis.
  • A new Your Users report will provide additional User charting analysis.

The release of LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM 8.0.8 is focused on architectural improvements which turbo charge LOADSPRING CLOUD PLATFORM speed and even more capacity for your project needs. As always, feel free to reach out to the cloud solutions experts with any burning questions you may have.


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