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How Black & Veatch Cloud-enables ArcGIS Portal using LoadSpring

By Gray Childs, Strategic Accounts Director

“Building a World of Difference®” is how global engineering, consulting and construction company Black & Veatch sums up its different activities. They rely on Geographical Information Systems (GIS) software to take complex project data and render it as simple visuals that are easy to interpret. LoadSpring makes complex tasks seem easy for Black & Veatch, which is why LoadSpring was chosen to help with the deployment of  Portal for ArcGIS from ESRI.

Portal for ArcGIS (or “Portal” for short) was attractive to Black & Veatch for a number of reasons. This software lets users create, secure, and manage geographic assets. It connects apps, maps, and geographic data with the people who need them. Practical features in the software let users accelerate project work and productivity. The web maps functionality, for instance, lets users mash up ArcGIS services to customize maps, and then make them available to others via web browsers and mobile devices. In short, geospatial software has the ability to take complex data and make it look simple – the same way LoadSpring makes complex project management software hosting seem simple.

A Smart Solution for Portal Implementation

Implementation of Portal presented certain challenges, not least in the complexity of provisioning and deploying this web-based software behind a secure interface for the controlled distribution of content. LoadSpring, naturally enough, rose to the occasion:

– We streamlined the implementation of the software for Black & Veatch. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of our team and our LoadSpring Cloud Platform, we were able to make the deployment and implementation fast and easy.

– Challenging architecture presented obstacles for Black & Veatch, but LoadSpring’s extensive Cloud Project Management experience helped overcome them. Once LoadSpring came into the picture end users benefited from secure and direct access to the LoadSpring Cloud Platform, which displays simple and straightforward dashboards with geospatial data critical for efficient project management.

– Along with the streamlined deployment of the application, LoadSpring also provided Black & Veatch with a predictable, fixed price for deployment that translated into long-term savings. Reliable budget information is one of the most highly desired, yet rarest commodities in the IT project world. LoadSpring know-how and experience let us make this important promise to our client.

Versatile LoadSpring Cloud for Secure Access to Function-Rich Portal

Portal users within Black & Veatch can now launch their project management apps, including Portal, through LoadSpring’s versatile Cloud Platform. Portal then gives users access to other apps to distribute geospatial data and tasks in simple, focused interfaces and quickly built web apps. It also links with apps such as ArcGIS Maps for Office, Collector for ArcGIS, and Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS.

As a result of LoadSpring’s successful deployment of Portal at Black & Veatch, there is now more demand for ESRI products within its client base– demand that we will be happy to satisfy to help maximize ROI once again for Black & Veatch.

If you’d like to maximize your investment on Project Management tools, reach out to LoadSpring, the market leader in Cloud Project Management solutions, at +1(978) 685-9715 or email us as information@loadspring.com.

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